When you think about the real power behind a business, it’s the people. And when people put their minds together, the potential is limitless—that’s the power of connection. This October 23–25, IT professionals, thought leaders, industry experts, RingCentral customers, and partners will gather in San Francisco to explore the power of connection at ConnectCentral 2017, RingCentral’s annual conference. The event is a great opportunity to hear firsthand how the latest advancements in cloud communications and collaboration can help businesses tap into their full potential. You’ll see real-life examples of organizations that have empowered their customers, partners, and employees with RingCentral technology. In addition, you’ll get

As part of the Constellation Research ShortList program, RingCentral Glip and RingCentral Contact Center have been named as among the best choices for Enterprise Group Messaging and Cloud Customer Service and Contact Center Software. The Constellation Research ShortList identifies the best products in enterprise software. Why RingCentral Glip made the ShortList RingCentral Glip was included on a previous edition of the Shortlist for “standalone” messaging solutions, and this time is being recognized in combination with RingCentral Office as part of a broader unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and collaboration

  Octane17 has already occurred. Learn more about RingCentral at Oktane19. If you haven’t yet heard of Carvana, you soon will. Carvana is revolutionizing the car-buying process by removing the middle man and delivering high quality vehicles directly to the customer. Who would have thought that buying a car could be as easy as buying a can of soda? Well, Carvana proved it’s possible by introducing the world’s first coin-operated car vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee. Such a pioneering, customer-centric business requires the most reliable, secure, and streamlined technology in order to sustain rapid growth. Join RingCentral at Oktane17 for our lifecycle session: Scaling Business Communications

For this final post in my series on digital transformation, I’m going to look at another business-level benefit that decision makers need to consider. As mentioned at the outset of this series, digital transformation is a broad concept that requires focus to develop concrete strategies. Business needs and benefits provide that focus, and I’ve already addressed two—improving customer experience and improving workflows. The third benefit of digital transformation is agility, not just internal, but also external with customers and partners. Agility is about responsiveness, and collaboration technologies have a central role to play in delivering agility in today’s digital workplace so companies can work faster,


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