Professional Voicemail Greetings: Your Virtual Entourage
Important people have... people. The president doesn't have a cell phone; he has people nearby him who do. Executives in movies always have an administrator outside their door to guard their time and impress their constituents. Jennifer Lopez cavorts around town with 20 assistants. HBO has a hit series called Entourage. The social message of an entourage is clear - respect me. People with the wherewithal to organize others to support their causes and endeavors garner our respect almost instantly. In ancient times, leaders never walked, but were always carried by an entourage of their staff. When you meet an important person, you rarely meet them first - you meet their people. Adding a

As a follow up to the article "Could the Cloud Kill the PBX?", we wanted to offer our input as to where telephony is going and why old-school telephony's days are numbered. This is meant not as a self-serving competitive claim but a look at what is becoming a natural evolution of business processes in the internet age. Much like the old-world method of snail mail is getting decimated by email, it would only seem natural that the physical relays and switches of telephony systems get replaced by the deft coding of a programmer. A small business can now run its entire back office online - not just Virtual PBX phone systems but billing, accounting, customer

Most people are familiar with vanity phone numbers - numbers that spell out a certain phrase or a company name. This is commonly called a "phoneword" and is the alphanumeric equivalent of a telephone number. Vanity phone numbers are superior to standard numbers because they are more memorable. That means they give business owners another area where they can expand their brand. Over the past 10 to 20 years, vanity numbers have become quite prevalent in pop culture; they can be seen in commercials, sitcoms and elsewhere. And, as we all know, if something techie is popular in a sitcom, then it has already become popular with the cool tech crowd. Scrubs One of the best uses of a vanity number in recent memory

Have Traditional Phones Jumped the Shark? VoIP PBX Systems Featured on ‘The Office’
Pam saves her job on the hit show 'The Office' by not buying a VoIP phone system. Punch-key PBXs (traditional office phone systems with those old RJ-11 phone jacks) have officially crossed over into comedic territory. Most businesspeople now know that a VoIP-based phone system allows offices to be much more efficient, and a recent episode of The Office shows just how common this notion has become. The episode begins with a VoIP phone system salesperson soliciting Dunder Mifflin. Pam, the company's receptionist, soon realizes that the new phone system would do 90% of her job. She starts lying to the


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