1-800 Toll-Free Vanity Numbers – Choose and Profit
Toll-Free Numbers Can Be Valued Similarly to Domain Names In 1991, the FTC ordered that toll-free numbers become "portable," freeing owners of 1-800 numbers from being tethered to their telecom companies. The ruling allowed for the rise of owning vanity toll-free numbers such as 1-800-Flowers (a publicly traded company with more than $919 million in sales last year) or 1-800-Yellow-Pages (sold last year for a reported $10 million). And while most small business owners won't gain such valuations, the mnemonic value of having a 1-800-Business number can't be denied. In California alone, insurance companies with inferior (IMHO) marketing

Personally, I won’t answer my phone if I look down at my caller ID and all I see is a phone number. Call me jaded, but I've been pestered by unwanted callers enough times to glance at the caller ID before taking a call. For this reason, I am happy to report that RingCentral will be introducing one of the most requested features we've had so far, and we wanted you to be the first to know about it. So mark your calendars, dear RingCentral customers, because on October 15, 2009, we will be adding Caller ID Name to our growing set of features. This new offering enhances your business'

The Power of the Human Voicemail Greeting
Why it pays to have test voicemail Back in 2005, I was working for a start-up that had a traditional punch-key PBX system. It wasn't the start-up's choice; the commercial office space that it occupied came equipped with the system. The manual for the phone system that the previous tenant (another start-up) had left behind looked like a mini-yellow pages. It became the IT director's new part-time job to figure out the new branches and extensions for each employee, as well as set up voicemail boxes for each. And one could commonly hear, "How do you transfer a call again?" or "I'm going to try and transfer you, but if I lose you then call...". Visual voicemail was

So you've finally ditched your bulky fax machine in favor of online faxing in order to save on paper and ink. In these tough economic times, a paperless office seems like a wise idea - especially when you have so many digital tools at your disposal. However, there are times when documents need signatures, and if you don't know how to sign documents electronically, this may mean having to print, sign and scan every document before faxing it back. In only four simple steps, you can create an electronic signature for any document. In a nutshell, all you need to do is: Sign a blank sheet of paper. Scan


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