Call logs are a great way to monitor how business is doing. Would you like to know how many new leads you're generating? Count up the number of incoming calls to your number. How productive are your employees? Take a look at the telephone activity for individual extensions. All the data is there for you to see. For today's Tuesday tip, we'll show you how to have your company call logs delivered to you so you can get a regular snapshot of your business activity. Making adjustments based on telephone usage can go a long way to improving your overall business strategy. To receive regular delivery of your call logs: 1. Log in to RingCentral 2. Select Call Log > Delivery Settings Your

Get Started with Push Notifications
If you have an iPhone, have we got the treat for you—version 1.7 of the RingCentral app is out. It’s a free download that includes a host of new features like the ability to copy and paste numbers, a built-in company directory, Do Not Disturb toggle on every page, and (today's Tuesday Tip) push notifications. Push notifications send a message to your iPhone whenever you receive a voice or fax message on your RingCentral business phone system. They're faster than SMS and email notifications and let you see if you've received a message

Hollywood has taken some liberties over the years in its interpretation of the world; even cell phones have not been spared from its sometimes-exaggerated portrayals. Below are some of the better examples of the entertainment industry's take on business communication. First, let's look back at the the first cell-phone commercial from Centel to get Hollywood's (and advertising's) view of the future of cell phones. "Family Guy" broaches the topic of cell-phone etiquette. This "Scrubs" clip reminds us that choosing a ringtone is not something that should be done lightly. "The Bourne Ultimatum" reminds us that cellphones are not a universally secure means of communication. And finally we have "The Dark Knight." Batman uses a particularly clever cell phone hack to find the Joker.

Let's face it - during the holidays, you're looking forward to more than just spending time with family and friends. You're also eager to get out of the office. If you have holiday travel plans, don’t leave your customers in the cold - have your RingCentral auto-receptionist take your calls so you can enjoy your winter getaway. To set up your holiday answering rules: 1. From My Settings, select Answering Rules 2. Select ADD RULE 3. Select Date Range Schedule 4. Choose your holiday dates, then follow the setup wizard Spread some cheer by including "Season's greetings!" or a holiday jingle to your company greeting. Your RingCentral virtual phone system will be working for you, even if you're enjoying some well-deserved time off. Happy Holidays from RingCentral!


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