Telecommuting’s Time Is Now
For years, it's seemed as though the telecommuting revolution has been just around the corner. The truth is, many people are making telecommutes work today, and the technology for telecommuting's widespread adoption does exist. But there are some powerful social factors holding it back. Probably the strongest hurdle telecommuting has to face is the micromanaging supervisor. Some in middle management feel it necessary to watch their subordinates like a hawk - and while there certainly are employees who need to be closely managed, micromanagement is rarely the best managerial strategy. Already, corporations are outsourcing business processes to cut costs; as outsourcing gains traction, resistance to

If you are leaving your home office for a corporate location or moving your growing business to a larger space, you'll spend some time in transition. Everything needs to be moved over and you need to make sure you don't lose anything along the way. Most importantly, customers need to be able to find you and reach you if needed. Using virtual PBX for your new office phone line can help. Not only can old numbers be quickly forwarded, but your system can be set up in much less time than traditional phone infrastructure requires. You can minimize downtime and put customers in touch with your employees with the services provided by RingCentral. This way you won't be missing anything

For any small business, its phone line is its lifeline - a way to communicate with vendors and provide support for customers. Making your small business phone system professional and efficient can help you save money, retain customers and have more flexibility. To do more with your phone line for less money, all you need is a virtual PBX system, like the one offered by RingCentral. You can have an auto attendant to send calls to the right place, customized hold messages, call forwarding and many other features usually only found in a more expensive phone infrastructure. Access voice mail from any phone and set up professional messages, as well. It's easy! For a low monthly fee,

All you need for a VoIP service is an Internet connection. This lets you have a reliable phone system without going through the phone company. But not all VoIP services are made equal. Businesses need to have access to multiple lines and additional features that customers, clients and other callers will be expecting. Look to make the most of not having a landline-based phone system, including call forwarding and call answering rules. Get inexpensive 800 numbers for quick customer service. All this can be done with a VoIP service created for businesses. RingCentral has just such a service and can save you money without sacrificing functionality.


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