New features for you to enjoy in our latest quarterly release
It’s time to review the latest RingCentral Office updates to keep your team’s productivity high and morale even higher.     Here’s a quick look at what’s new in release 20.1: OFFICE Robocall warnings, new devices and more You know those pesky robocalls you’ve been dreading? RingCentral now offers a warning for incoming robocalls, so you can […]
Unique Expectations of the Gen Z Workforce
There’s a retail labor shortage the likes of which we haven’t seen in two decades. Gen Z will make up a quarter of the workforce this year, and retailers are raising salaries in an attempt to compete for talent. In this competitive hiring landscape, you need to be able to understand the expectations of next-generation […]
4 Ways to Maximize Staff Utilization in Your Healthcare Facility
For healthcare organizations, maximizing staff resources and realizing related productivity objectives remains an ever-present challenge. Within the scope of the newer outcomes-based care models and shared-risk reimbursement programs, staff optimization—or, simply stated, two outputs for every input—has never been more critical or top-of-mind with healthcare leaders. So, how can providers maximize staff utilization? Many turn […]