It’s 2009: Why Do You Still Use a Paper Fax?
Virtualization is hard to miss: It's the biggest trend in information technology. Amazon's cloud-computing service (known as Amazon Web Services) has taken the world by storm, as even enterprise buyers line up to consume virtual computing power on the fly. IT consumers are focused less and less on hardware and more and more on simply consuming computing services. Yet despite this revolution, some professionals still don't have an online fax service (you know who you are). Instead of using an email fax (or electronic fax) solution, they continue to receive paper faxes. The irony? Some of these people are reading the latest best-seller

One Phone Number = Increased Trust In the five years I worked as a professional telecommuter, my number one rule was always "be reachable." This meant almost always having my work phone number routed directly to my home number or cell. I remember one memorable nighttime call from an Australian coworker looking to leave me a voicemail. It was 1 AM EST, but I had to try my best to perk up my voice and answer intelligibly. While this extreme pursuit of "reachability" isn't for everyone, it made my coworkers much more confident in my commitment to the team and brought rewards at review time. And it turned out that many people found me easier to get

Virtual PBX vs. Traditional: A Small Business Phone System Comparison
With the economy as uncertain as it is, everyone is looking for ways to cut spending and improve their bottom line. Diane Meyers, directing analyst for Infonetics Research, has found that one way companies are cutting costs is by turning to VoIP and virtual PBX for their business communications: Demand for residential and business VoIP services continues to grow through the economic downturn because of the cost savings they provide. As a result, in 2008 the VoIP services market had healthy growth of 33% to $30.8 billion. This is a trend even small businesses can jump on. An online PBX is not only cheaper than a traditional PBX -

Triumph of the 800 Number
The toll free 800 number has come into its own as a recognized sign of a serious business. These numbers, however, are showing surprising strengths, even in markets where you wouldn’t expect them to make such a difference. For instance, you’d think that people doing business with local businesses would prefer to dial the local number. And you’d be wrong. According to a Chicago Tribune study, advertisers using toll free vanity numbers received ten times more calls than those just using the local number. People associate the now ubiquitous 800 numbers, and their 866 and 888 brethren, with business. Simply having a toll free number is a


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