The Future of VoIP
by John Sung Kim, founder of Five9Many have speculated on the future of VoIP. The reality is, there are actually five distinct and separate markets for voice over the net:- Consumer Free VoIP- Consumer Home VoIP- Small Business VoIP- Large Business VoIP- Telco VoIPThis month we'll cover the first category of consumer free. In 2004 I started a VC-funded VoIP company, and back then we had to license a SIP stack ($70k) and SIP soft-phone clients ($10 each) to our endpoint customers. That was when asterisk and other open SIP stack software was still in its relative infancy and

Twitter has become an essential customer service tool in today's business world, but finding the right Twitter client can be a challenging process. TweetDeck and Seismic are the most popular, but they don't necessarily have the features you need to support your social media efforts. We put together a list of some of our favorite business-centric Twitter clients below - hope they will help you keep track of your tweets!1. CoTweet: CoTweet is a web-based Twitter client made especially with business owners in mind. The difference between CoTweet and popular desktop clients like Seismic and TweetDeck is that the former gives business owners the ability to add multiple users to one account, assign tweets to users for

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Business Productivity
These great iPhone apps will help you survive the daily grind.The introduction of the iPhone into everyday life has done more than make it easier to contact your friends and make you an amateur photojournalist. It has also helped immensely in the business world. We wanted to tell you about some iPhone apps that you might not know about that will help your business run more smoothly and boost productivity at or away from the office.1. Business Productivity Booster & Tracker ($4.99)This app is similar to TimeLogger, but goes one step further. If you need to track several employees and check on their productivity, then Business Productivity

History of the Fax Machine
Faxing has become one of those technologies that you can't do without.Do you ever have those moments in life when you wonder how people survived in the past without a certain technology? I often ask my mother how she grew up on the Texas coast without air conditioning and she always says "we didn't know any better".Every time I send a fax online, I wonder the same thing. The introduction of the fax to the mainstream business world started a worldwide shift in how we do business. Things didn't halt for a few days waiting on the client to get the contract and then have it sent back. It set up the current


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