Who’s Answering Your Phone?
The "call to action" is a vital part of any marketing campaign. The whole point is to get potential customers to transform into actual customers by contacting you. Once they do, however, what happens? People will not jump through hoops or fight to give you their business, certainly not so long as your competition is bending over backwards to make the sale. You need to take your customers by the hand and make things as easy as possible.Unfortunately, customers have the habit of not always calling when you're sitting by your phone. If you're not there, what do they hear? According to the North American Telecommunications Association, callers who hear

Switchboard Comedy and Switchboard Business
Long before the advent of the virtual PBX, call routing was handled by a manual process in which physical lines would need to be connected by hand. These switchboards - also known as cord boards, due to the way in which cords were used to connect calls - were the source of quite a bit of comedy back in the day. The very first switchboards in large cities were floor-to-ceiling affairs where young boys would scramble up and down to connect calls. Later, more-compact switchboards were typically operated by women. It's these setups that gave us much of the switchboard comedy of the past.Lily Tomlin's "One Ringy-dingy" served as

The History of 800 Numbers
The 1-800 number got its start in 1967, the same year Che Guevara was executed and Aretha Franklin recorded "Respect". The idea was to cut down on collect calls, which could be labor-intensive since they often required a live operator. The early adopters of toll-free numbers were primarily hotels and car rental companies, which took lots of reservations from across the country over the phone. Because of this, the story of toll-free numbers is also the story of the modern call center.When the first call center went belly-up, the companies involved in its operation immediately stepped in to retain its infrastructure as well as the expertise of its employees. Before

Getting the Most From Your 800 Number
There's been a lot of digital ink spilled about the usefulness of having a toll-free number. Firms with 800 numbers appear more professional and reachable - and toll-free numbers provide new avenues for marketing, to boot. But just signing up for a new number isn't enough: You'll want to optimize your toll-free number to ensure the highest possible return on your investment.800 Numbers EverywhereMost freelancers and small businesses know the value of having an 800 number on their business cards. It's also important to have a toll-free number on your web page. A recent Pew Research poll found that even though using the web for research is commonplace,


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