5 Signs Your Telecom Carrier Just Isn’t That Into You
1) Understanding taxes and surcharges on your bill make that calculus test you failed in 12th grade look easy.Sometimes, I look at my bills and sigh because I can't figure out why I am being charged $1.36 for some fee I have never heard of. And the bills are usually four pages long. You almost need a code breaker to figure these things out. Makes me think that they are trying to hide something from me.2) You ask for call center functionality and they give you something called "Centrex".Centrex is an old PBX technology that was prevalent in the UK in the 1960s and

Cutting costs around the office is possible with the right business applications. Here are several tools your office shouldn't be without.• Google Docs: The beauty of Google Docs is that you can collaborate with others in real time and access your documents from anywhere. With Google Docs, you can create spreadsheets, presentations and other documents - and you always have the most recent version online. Best of all, it's free to use!Have your own domain name? Put it to use with Google Apps for Domains. All the best Google applications, plus you get to use your domain name in your email address so your business correspondence always

Who ever thought it would be possible to send, receive and forward a fax from your iPhone? Today's feature-laden smartphones give you the freedom to run your business from the road, and an application like RingCentral goes above and beyond the call of duty to give you true mobility when you need it the most. We've written about the RingCentral app before, but today's Tuesday tip will focus exclusively on mobile faxing features you'll want to know about.Receiving a FaxIf you're an iPhone user, you must download the free RingCentral app in order to manage faxes. The app gives you the ability to view

How Internet Fax Works in Combination with Adobe Software
Online-fax basics by John Sung KimSending faxes over the internet really just means that while traditional faxes send text as images, the combination of an internet fax service such as RingCentral's with Adobe PDF Software means that those faxes can be read as text. For law offices and other businesses where compliance and record-keeping are essential, this provides a way to not only save money on faxes but store documents and contracts as digital files.Internet Fax FunctionalityIn a traditional fax, the data sent over the telephone line is not recordable. Once a fax is sent, there's no way to resend it unless it lives in the short-term memory of


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