It has been a very exciting year for the RingCentral channel team. Overall, we continue to see strong momentum in the midmarket and enterprise segments, and one can attribute this success to channel partners playing a key role in our growth strategy. We’re also witnessing a shift among leading Diamond-level Avaya partners joining RingCentral as enterprises increasingly move to modern cloud communications and collaboration solutions to meet the needs of their mobile and globally distributed workforce. As the demand grows for RingCentral’s solutions, join me in participating in this great momentum opportunity. Just this past quarter, our team saw record results, including: Channel partners delivered another quarter of record

As RingCentral continues to make strides in the financial and healthcare services industries, compliance with regulations governing the security and protection of data remains one of our top priorities. Today, we announced another step forward by achieving compliance in security controls established by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) for cloud providers. In addition, RingCentral has earned Certified status for information security by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. FINRA, a private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization for member brokerage firms and exchange markets, ensures more than 4,200 organizations remain compliant. Through compliance with FINRA security controls, RingCentral financial customers, including banks, brokers, and traders, can trust that

Jason Copeland, RingCentral’s new VP of Product Management for collaboration and artificial intelligence, has more than 15 years of experience leading product management, development, and marketing at Apple, Good Technology, Palm, and Siebel Systems. Before joining RingCentral, he was an entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of the artificial intelligence startup DeepVision. We spoke with Jason about his passion for AI, the inside scoop on working with Steve Jobs at Apple, and lessons learned along the way. What motivated you to make the move to RingCentral? For a long time, the fun and challenging jobs have been in mobile apps and web apps for consumers and consumer devices like the iPhone. I really enjoyed my six

It’s no secret that cloud is driving today’s digital business transformation. As companies increasingly move their applications to the cloud, they are faced with the reality of a multi-cloud environment. If done right, this creates an incredible opportunity for more integrated business workflows, enabling greater team productivity and efficiency while also boosting overall customer satisfaction. At ConnectCentral 2017, the RingCentral annual conference, leaders from Salesforce, Google, and Okta explored the importance of a multi-cloud strategy and the benefits of connecting cloud applications for business agility and success. See below for key insights from this session. Or to view the panel in its entirety, watch


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