History of the Fax Machine
Faxing has become one of those technologies that you can't do without.Do you ever have those moments in life when you wonder how people survived in the past without a certain technology? I often ask my mother how she grew up on the Texas coast without air conditioning and she always says "we didn't know any better".Every time I send a fax online, I wonder the same thing. The introduction of the fax to the mainstream business world started a worldwide shift in how we do business. Things didn't halt for a few days waiting on the client to get the contract and then have it sent back. It set up the current

A Green Office Equals Savings
Transforming your office can lead to more money in your pocket tooRunning an ecologically friendly business is not only a good investment for us and our community but also a simple way to conserve energy and save money. After a long day at the office who really remembers to turn off their computers anymore? Unfortunately, most of us aren’t aware of the consequences in our routine behavior and the disastrous affects it has on others. Regardless of whether you’re the boss or an employee, everyone can help save energy, recycle waste, and create a friendlier environment. Below are several tips to help you save energy around the

1-800-PetMeds Barks Up a Storm on NASDAQ
Pet prescription company creates a publicly traded brand with their toll free numberAnother in my series of posts highlighting companies who have made incredible use of their toll free vanity phone number.Founded by Marc Puleo in the go-go days of the internet, 1-800-PetMeds is yet another perfect seven-digit mnemonic for a toll free number that matches both criteria for a perfect toll free vanity:1.) Easy to remember2.) Describes the service and product to a tee; i.e., you hear the name 1-800 ________ and you know what they

Vanity Number Pays Off for 1-800-Got-Junk
Brian Scudamore buys a toll free phone number and turns it into one of America's fastest growing franchises.A perfect seven digits for a toll free vanity number, 1-800-Got-Junk was founded by Canadian Brian Scudamore in 1989 when he was still in college. While the company operated successfully for years, it wasn't until it bought an unforgettable toll free phone number that it saw tremendous growth. A year after the company changed its name from "Rubbish Boys" to 1-800-Got-Junk, it was franchising to other cities. It's now amongst the fastest-growing


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