Mobility is everything when you travel during the holiday season, so we want to remind you of some of the best features for road warriors that are included in your RingCentral plan. By adjusting a few settings, you'll be well on your way to greater peace of mind - knowing your clients' needs are taken care of even while you're away from the office. Feel free to leave a comment with any related tips you may have for fellow travelers!Call ForwardingCall forwarding is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. This feature allows you to route your callers to up to 10 different numbers including your cell, home, or office phone from any extension. Our

Top 5 Groups Who’ve Embraced VoIP from the Start
1) SpiesOK, that's a bit exotic, but the earliest adopters of sending voice packets as data were intelligence agencies that were testing it as a secure communication method. And now the NSA is openly adopting VoIP to improve organizational efficiencies.2) CarriersTelecom companies were amongst the first to use VoIP. Anyone remember MCI? The early carriers had large portions of their voice networks use the internet, since it was one of the most cost-effective ways to compete on local and national long-distance rates. CLECs were also huge adopters of VoIP - since they competed mostly on price, they had to be.3) Geeks

3 Questions Businesses Should Ask About Their Phone System
This post offers three simple but powerfully effective ways in which even first-time entrepreneurs can achieve higher profits, attract new clients and build their brand.1) Will I need more than one extension?Offering toll-free numbers for sales and local numbers for support are small but critically important aspects of brand marketing that should not be ignored. In fact, because Google's business listings and other business directories have grown popular among customers, it's critical to set up your business numbers early. Even if you're a micro business, you will need to wear many hats and take on both sales and support roles. Having more than one phone number offers a professional

We surveyed our SMB customers and found that nearly half of their employees spend 75% of their time working away from the office. Given this statistic, it's clear that mobility is paramount in today's business world. With features like call forwarding and multiple extensions, RingCentral gives your business the ability to stay connected with your customers, even when you're out of the office. In today's Tuesday Tip, we'll show you how to update your answering rules so that you can identify incoming calls from multiple extensions.Let's say you forward all your sales, support and billing calls to your cell phone. How will you know which extension is forwarding the call? Simple! Add an identifying code


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