Small Business Selling Techniques: How to Play in the Big Leagues
Adrian Miller, founder of Adrian Miller Sales Training, is our featured guest blogger. She kicks off our series highlighting small business with strategic tips on how to level the playing field when competing against larger companies. In many ways, small businesses have a distinct advantage over their larger competitors. By being small, they're inherently more nimble and flexible. They can bob, weave and change as the market demands.Oftentimes, the largest of companies cannot move quickly. They require many more steps just to adapt and meet what is happening in the marketplace. Small business owners can definitely use this differentiator to their advantage.That being said, effective sales tactics for small businesses

Call logs are one of the handiest features on RingCentral. They're easy to find, you don't have to do anything to set them up and they offer a variety of uses.Use call logs to: See who your employees are calling and faxing. Return calls by selecting any call log entry. Retrieve faxed documents and recorded conversations.You can even use call logs to track transactions, expenses, billing and business metrics. Want to track how you're doing in different markets? Use call logs to monitor your business in each of those markets.To view your call logs, simply log in to your RingCentral account and select Call Logs. You can search your logs or simply sort call log entries by clicking any

Juggling Family and Business from a Home Office
Some of the world’s most recognizable companies started as home-based businesses – Apple Computer, Hershey Chocolate and Mary Kay Cosmetics, to name just a few.Barking dogs, visiting neighbors and screaming kids - they're all part of life for many home-based business owners.With more than half of all U.S. businesses based out of an owner's home, running an enterprise from a spare bedroom has become commonplace. Here are some tips to help you take control of your home-based business.Define Your SpaceWhile the dining room table might provide you with a large workspace, it's probably not the best location to manage a business. It can be very difficult to keep your

Overcoming the Summer Slowdown
Summer is nearly here! While some of us relate the long, warm days of the season with family picnics, backyard barbecues and carefree vacations at the beach, many small business owners identify the months of June, July and August as that stressful time of year when sales come to a screeching halt.Is the summer slowdown inevitable?  Or are there ways to keep business flowing 12 months a year? Inevitably, some clients and prospects are going to be on vacation and unavailable. But business still happens in the summer - and, in fact, the warm-weather months can provide substantial sales opportunities for businesses that use the time wisely by continuing to drive


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