Do You Know What Your Small Business Should Be Tweeting?
There has been a lot of talk about how businesses of all sizes are using Twitter. The site is increasingly being leveraged to listen to and engage with customers and support business objectives without the costs associated with traditional forms of marketing.While the popularity of Twitter is growing rapidly, the reality is that most small business owners are still uncertain about how they should be using the social media tool and what they should be announcing to the world in 140 characters or less.No, not every bit of your news should be posted on Twitter. Before you start tweeting, it's important to remember that Twitter is a public forum.

Smartphones: Changing the Way Businesspeople Work and Live
In a recent customer survey, we asked the owners of small to medium-sized businesses across the United States how smartphones have changed the way they do business. The results of the survey revealed the prominent role these handheld devices are playing in the daily lives of an increasingly mobile workforce.Here are the complete results:The results of this survey clearly indicate how smartphones are impacting not only businesses but also the personal lives of professionals. For example,

Browsing through voicemail on an answering machine or a cell phone is a clumsy process.First, you have to listen to all your messages to get to the messages that count.Then, you have to replay an entire message if you've missed any details.And finally, you have to listen to each message to know who it's from and when they called.Visual Voicemail eliminates these issues by giving you a list of your voice messages, complete with caller ID information, time stamp and duration of the call - so you see all your voicemails at a glance.You can also use a slider to fast-forward or rewind to specific points within any message, and you can

As part of a new series at RingCentral, we're highlighting some of our most interesting customers and the ways in which RingCentral helps them. This week we are featuring LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC, a distributor of life-saving emergency medical alert devices.When you think of virtual offices, you probably think of IT companies, banking, online start-ups and government departments. But an online office can also work for the medical field.LifeGuardian Technologies recently made the switch to RingCentral Office for their business needs. They were looking for a cloud-computing solution as well as a world-class phone system, and they wanted the ability to present a consistent, professional image. With RingCentral, they got all these features


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