We surveyed our SMB customers and found that nearly half of their employees spend 75% of their time working away from the office. Given this statistic, it's clear that mobility is paramount in today's business world. With features like call forwarding and multiple extensions, RingCentral gives your business the ability to stay connected with your customers, even when you're out of the office. In today's Tuesday Tip, we'll show you how to update your answering rules so that you can identify incoming calls from multiple extensions.Let's say you forward all your sales, support and billing calls to your cell phone. How will you know which extension is forwarding the call? Simple! Add an identifying code

Knowing how vanity numbers work is critical to your brand's marketing success.1) Don't search small-inventory websites for number availabilityWhile I'm obviously biased, RingCentral's Vanity Number Search is among the best search tools available. Chances are good that if the number is available, it's on RingCentral's site and is listed as part of their inventory. Too many first-time vanity number customers conduct a search for number availability on a single site. Conduct a more exhaustive search and remember that toll-free numbers can always be ported over to any phone service provider. Once you own a number, it's yours - not a telecom company's. So search high and low for that number and do invest time in

Leaving the Office Behind Opens New Opportunities
We recently asked our customers - owners of small and medium-sized business across the U.S. - how their businesses operate. This survey reveals that single-location workforces are becoming less common; more and more workers, it appears, are doing their jobs remotely.Here are the complete results:1. How much time do your employees spend conducting business away from the office?2. When making or receiving business calls outside the office, do you try to give clients the impression that you are at your office?3. Describe your office environment.

5 Signs Your Telecom Carrier Just Isn’t That Into You
1) Understanding taxes and surcharges on your bill make that calculus test you failed in 12th grade look easy.Sometimes, I look at my bills and sigh because I can't figure out why I am being charged $1.36 for some fee I have never heard of. And the bills are usually four pages long. You almost need a code breaker to figure these things out. Makes me think that they are trying to hide something from me.2) You ask for call center functionality and they give you something called "Centrex".Centrex is an old PBX technology that was prevalent in the UK in the 1960s and


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