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Is RingCentral an important part of your business' success? Why not tell others about it by becoming a RingCentral affiliate and start earning money with every lead you send us!Make Commissions on Both Leads and Sales!RingCentral's Affiliate Program is a great way to make commissions by referring new customers to RingCentral, and unlike most other affiliate programs, we pay for both Leads (submitted free trials) and Sales (conversions from trials or direct purchases). As an affiliate, earn up to $25 per Lead and up to $60 per Sale for a total earning potential of $85 for referred customers.We have a dedicated in-house affiliate team and resource center to

RingCentral Named Best Online Fax Service by TopTenREVIEWS
We're proud to announce that RingCentral Fax has been named the No. 1 online fax service by a leading technology review site covering software and web services - TopTenREVIEWS. Competing against 16 other online fax services, RingCentral stood above the rest to take the Gold Award, based on a variety of ratings that included ease of use, feature set, pricing and customer service.  The annual ranking is compiled by a panel of judges who review products and services geared to small business owners."RingCentral really does everything," according to the TopTenREVIEWS judges. "We liked its interface and desktop tool and were thrilled to see how quickly we set

Departments are a great way to distribute customer calls to different teams within your company, or for a very small company to give customers the impression that it's a much larger organization.A department is a group of extensions you assign as department agents. Like extensions, you can assign a department extension numbers, voicemail boxes and answering rules.Additionally, you can configure departments to distribute calls to department agents based on the number of calls they've taken, how long they've waited to take a call or their experience. You may also have the calls distributed in random order.

Small Business Selling Techniques: How to Play in the Big Leagues
Adrian Miller, founder of Adrian Miller Sales Training, is our featured guest blogger. She kicks off our series highlighting small business with strategic tips on how to level the playing field when competing against larger companies. In many ways, small businesses have a distinct advantage over their larger competitors. By being small, they're inherently more nimble and flexible. They can bob, weave and change as the market demands.Oftentimes, the largest of companies cannot move quickly. They require many more steps just to adapt and meet what is happening in the marketplace. Small business owners can definitely use this differentiator to their advantage.That being said, effective sales tactics for small businesses


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