Transfer calls on the fly with Call FlipStepping out of the office? Heading back to your desk? Try Call Flip the next time you're on the move.This nifty feature enables you to transfer calls between any two phones. Flip a call from a desk phone to a mobile phone or a mobile phone to a home phone …you get the idea.To set up Call Flip: Log in to your RingCentral account. Select My Settings > Forwarding Numbers. Enter your forwarding numbers (if you haven't already) and note the corresponding quick-dial numbers.During a conversation, press (*) followed by the quick-dial number of a device you want to transfer a call to. For example, press (*) 2 to

How Your Business Can Leverage Location-Based Services
Don Campbell, founder of Expand2Web, is our featured guest blogger. He continues our small business highlight series by discussing how location-based services are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool.With the explosion in popularity of smartphones, location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla are emerging as important new ways to connect with customers.While these services certainly lend themselves to B2C enterprises such as restaurants and retail stores, they can also be used by nearly any business that wants to enhance customer experience.What Are Location-Based Services?Location-based services reward people for "checking in" using the GPS on their phone while they are at a place of business or event by giving them

Sometimes a legal-sized document (8.5" x 14") is simply too long - they don't play nice with standard-sized folders and fit rather awkwardly in standard envelopes.If you want to want to resize your legal-sized documents to the letter-sized variety, simply fax the document to yourself. Internet fax will automatically resize your document. There's no fuss and no setup - and RingCentral Internet Fax will store your document in your call logs for safekeeping, to boot.Check back every Tuesday for more tips on how to get the most from your RingCentral service!

Is Your Company Phone Greeting Projecting Professionalism?
As a small business owner, you know the importance of projecting professionalism on all fronts. It can literally make or break your chances for success in a competitive marketplace. While a smartly designed website, business card and marketing materials are necessary tools for building credibility and presenting that polished image, you should consider taking image-building a step further by ensuring that what your customers and prospects hear when they call your business also sounds professional.Your phone greeting is, in many cases, the first touch point that you will have with a potential customer. A poor-quality or difficult-to-understand greeting or message can create a negative impression before you even get the


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