Let's face it - during the holidays, you're looking forward to more than just spending time with family and friends. You're also eager to get out of the office.If you have holiday travel plans, don’t leave your customers in the cold - have your RingCentral auto-receptionist take your calls so you can enjoy your winter getaway.To set up your holiday answering rules:1. From My Settings, select Answering Rules2. Select ADD RULE3. Select Date Range Schedule4. Choose your holiday dates, then follow the setup wizardSpread some cheer by including "Season's greetings!" or a holiday jingle to your company greeting. Your RingCentral virtual phone system will be working for you, even if you're enjoying some well-deserved time off.Happy Holidays from RingCentral!

The Future of Home VoIP is Cellular
Cell phones connected to Wifi will be the final destination for VoIP in the home.This is the second part of our discussion of The Future of VoIP.

Dialing Out to International Numbers on RingCentral
2 Quick & Easy Steps Can Lead to Significant Savings forYour SMB When Dialing Internationally

A fascinating survey conducted by RingCentral shows an emerging trend in the way America's small businesses are operating. Here's the scoop.When I first started writing for RingCentral, one of the ideas thrown around in our early brainstorming sessions was to open up the data that customers were providing the company in order to help business owners make better-informed decisions about their communications strategies. To their credit, the folks at RingCentral wanted to not only supply their customers with a communications platform but help them be more successful at running their companies.So I'm proud to announce that RingCentral has conducted a study that shows an emerging trend in how America's SMBs are


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