5 Ways to Defuse an Angry Customer
As a business owner, you'll almost certainly have to face an angry or irritated customer at one time or another.  Even when doing your best to please them or correct a situation that has gone awry, it can still be a stressful and frustrating situation for any business owner who values each and every customer.It's been well-documented that an unhappy customer is likely to tell between 10 and 20 people about their bad experience. The reality is that just one customer who is dissatisfied can have a profoundly negative effect on your business. While it's virtually impossible to completely avoid having a customer who is unhappy about your business, there are

PDF, PPT, RTF, EPS. These aren't new companies, government agencies or texting abbreviations. They're just a few of the file formats you can send with RingCentral Fax.RingCentral's FaxOut and fax-by-email features support more than 50 different file formats. Whether your attachment was produced in Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word or another program, you can easily send files made with all the most common types of applications and versions.Check out the complete list of formats that RingCentral Fax supports!

Is Your Business Prepared for a Natural Disaster?
Too often, it's not until after a natural disaster occurs that a business realizes the importance of emergency preparedness. In fact, according to research conducted by The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), at least 25 percent of businesses will close after a natural disaster and never reopen. Whether it's a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood or earthquake, a well-thought-out plan of action is the best way to remain operational after the unexpected strikes.Being prepared requires much more than just having a well-stocked first-aid kit. The following precautionary action items are a must for minimizing the impact of a natural disaster on your business.Have a Cloud-Based PBX System and

How to Spice Up Your On Hold Message
Do you know what your callers are doing while they're on hold? If they hear silence, more than half will likely just hang up, and a third will never call back. Unprofessional or poorly scripted on hold messages will have a similar effect. The reality is that you can easily lose customers by not capturing their attention while they're waiting to speak to you. And this can have a direct impact on your business' bottom line.While you don't want to leave callers holding for lengthy spans of time, a memorable message can help keep customers and prospects both informed and entertained. Here are few ideas for maximizing this opportunity to simultaneously project


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