5 major Digital Customer Care trends in 2018
The digitization of companies is becoming more and more expected in all industries and customer care is no exception. Companies are changing their strategies in order to be available on more channels, and to increase their reactivity and efficiency for seamless customer care journeys. To do so, they have to take into account the major new trends that surfaced in 2017, many of which will grow in the coming months. 1. Messaging quickly developing as the lead channel to interact with customers In 2018, one trend we are witnessing is that consumers are progressively shifting away from traditional channels like calls and text messages in favor of messaging and this is a trend that is expected to grow. Messenger and WhatsApp, used by 1.2 billion and 1.3 billion users

Les 5 tendances de la Relation Client Digitale en 2018
La digitalisation des entreprises se confirme dans tous les secteurs d’activité et la relation client n’échappe pas à cette tendance. Les entreprises adaptent leur stratégie afin de se rendre disponibles sur un nombre de canaux toujours plus important, d’accroître leur réactivité et leur efficacité dans des dispositifs de relation client fluides. Pour cela, elles se doivent de tenir compte des changements majeurs qui se sont opérés en 2017, et dont bon nombre vont s’accélérer dans les mois à venir. 1. Un développement rapide du messaging pour dialoguer avec les clients En 2018, la tendance selon laquelle les Français se détournent progressivement des canaux traditionnels que sont les appels et le SMS et leur préfèrent le messaging va se poursuivre. Dans l’Hexagone, Messenger

We’re happy to share that RingCentral has won a 2017 Innovation Award from Aragon Research Inc., a leading technology research and advisory firm. This year RingCentral has received recognition from a number of  leading analyst firms, including Gartner Inc., Frost & Sullivan, Synergy Research, and IHS Markit. The addition of this latest Aragon Research Innovation Award further demonstrates our continued momentum in the market and is a great indicator that we’re meeting global customer needs with our powerful, flexible, and cost-effective cloud communications and collaboration solutions. The Aragon Research Innovation Awards recognized 15 Innovation Award winners at its annual 2017 awards

As more and more business applications move to the cloud, an increasing number of enterprises have migrated to cloud communications and collaboration solutions. The reason? These solutions offer the performance, cost benefits, and management capabilities critical to sustainable growth in today’s competitive business environment. If your enterprise already uses IP phones, the migration process will be seamless as most brands are compatible with the majority of cloud communications providers. You will experience immediate access to full system functionality with a lower up-front capital investment. On the other hand, if your business currently uses analog phones, you must assess whether to keep the existing equipment or adopt new devices optimized for the cloud. Understand the costs


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