As outpatient clinics play a bigger role in reorganizing healthcare around the needs of the patient, RingCentral Glip can help make care teams more efficient and effective.Outpatient clinics are important because they fill the gap between the hospital and the traditional medical practice. Outpatient surgery centers allow many common procedures to be performed on a same-day basis, without the need for a hospitalization. Clinics help patients who have been discharged from the hospital complete their recovery and avoid expensive readmissions. They gather physicians and other healthcare workers with multiple specialties or related specialties under one roof, allowing them to do a better job of acting as a care team that

Once upon a time, CIOs and IT leaders were rewarded for supporting boring old business functions like accounting. That was before the success of transformative companies like Amazon and Netflix, where technology doesn’t support the business, it is the business. So tech leaders are suddenly recognizing they have a new role—your C-suite partners expect you to create value.How will you lead—and win—in this new digital era?  It will require finding ways to apply new disruptive technologies, such as mobile apps and mobility, analytics for business intelligence, cloud computing, and social media. But it also means finding new ways to lead. Here are five must-read books to check out as

I’m excited to share that RingCentral has been named to CRN's 2017 Mobility 100 List. This recognition reinforces our mobile-first approach to providing a communications solution that empowers today’s modern, distributed workforce so they can get work done more effectively, no matter where they are.Compiled by a panel of CRN editors, the list recognizes innovative mobile products and services across four categories: mobile hardware, mobile security and device management, mobile software and services, and mobile app development. RingCentral has been commended for the speed and agility our solution delivers to businesses around the world. You might ask, “Well, what does that mean?”

In the current era of digital disruption, the CIO needs to make managing the inevitable change in their organizations a top priority. Organizations that don’t change quickly enough or intelligently enough may fail to stay successful, or could even fall prey to competitors.In fact, so much change is happening so quickly that the CIO must virtually wear the “Chief Change Officer” hat. This is because change is no longer something you implement and then it’s done. Today, change is a continual and essential part of guiding the organization in the right direction. Here are some important things to keep in mind in your new unofficial role as the CCO.1) Understand the need


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