As part of a new series at RingCentral, we're highlighting some of our most interesting customers and the ways in which RingCentral helps them. This week we are featuring LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC, a distributor of life-saving emergency medical alert devices. When you think of virtual offices, you probably think of IT companies, banking, online start-ups and government departments. But an online office can also work for the medical field. LifeGuardian Technologies recently made the switch to RingCentral Office for their business needs. They were looking for a cloud-computing solution as well as a world-class phone system, and they wanted the ability to present a consistent, professional image. With RingCentral, they got all these features

Here's a feature that's as simple as it sounds. The RingMe button gives your customers the ability to contact you directly from your website with a simple click of their mouse, free of charge. Put a RingCentral RingMe button on your blog, website - even in your email signature - with minimal effort. Here's how: 1) Log in to your RingCentral account 2) Click RingMe Options under CALL SETTINGS 3) Choose your settings Choose from a variety of button sizes and styles. Configure your RingMe options to route calls to your company greeting, specific extensions or department queues. Once you've configured your options, just copy the code and paste it onto your site or wherever you want customers to see it. Once your

When you decide to form a small or medium-sized business, the first steps are obvious: Think of something people want, get a DBA, hire employees, etc. After you have created the company, then it is time to get to work, right? Not necessarily. There are several steps you can take at the outset to establish a solid strategy and optimize your competitive position. 1) The Business Plan Developing a business plan is a must, but it doesn't need to be complex. A few pages outlining your business overview, industry background, product or service, business model, strategy and team provides the foundation of your plan. Having a solid business plan is a requirement to get SBA (Small Business Administration)

It's a simple fact: Customers use your phone number to reach you. So it makes sense to deploy local numbers when you want to reach more customers and explore new markets. Get started by taking a look at your call logs to see where most of your calls are coming from. If you're a nationwide business with a toll-free number, use Call Logs to look for opportunities in places where you'd like to do more business. For instance, if you don't receive a lot of calls on the West Coast, consider purchasing local numbers in metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you're a local business in a major city but get regular calls from neighboring cities, consider adding numbers in


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