How to Spice Up Your On Hold Message
Do you know what your callers are doing while they're on hold? If they hear silence, more than half will likely just hang up, and a third will never call back. Unprofessional or poorly scripted on hold messages will have a similar effect. The reality is that you can easily lose customers by not capturing their attention while they're waiting to speak to you. And this can have a direct impact on your business' bottom line.While you don't want to leave callers holding for lengthy spans of time, a memorable message can help keep customers and prospects both informed and entertained. Here are few ideas for maximizing this opportunity to simultaneously project

Build Your Reputation With These 8 Small Business Awards
Business awards can provide small business owners with incredible opportunities to obtain free publicity, as well as win cash and prizes. The increased exposure that you may receive if you become a winner or finalist can drive traffic to your website and provide valuable credibility for your business that can translate directly into new opportunities.Throughout the year, many well-known companies, publications, non-profit organizations and trade shows hold competitions and grant awards. Here's a list of some great opportunities for both prizes and recognition.Opportunity Green OG25 Business AwardEnter by August 17, 2010The OG25 Business Award recognizes promising startups that are committed to building a new green economy with initiatives in cleantech, product

Transfer calls on the fly with Call FlipStepping out of the office? Heading back to your desk? Try Call Flip the next time you're on the move.This nifty feature enables you to transfer calls between any two phones. Flip a call from a desk phone to a mobile phone or a mobile phone to a home phone …you get the idea.To set up Call Flip: Log in to your RingCentral account. Select My Settings > Forwarding Numbers. Enter your forwarding numbers (if you haven't already) and note the corresponding quick-dial numbers.During a conversation, press (*) followed by the quick-dial number of a device you want to transfer a call to. For example, press (*) 2 to

How Your Business Can Leverage Location-Based Services
Don Campbell, founder of Expand2Web, is our featured guest blogger. He continues our small business highlight series by discussing how location-based services are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool.With the explosion in popularity of smartphones, location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla are emerging as important new ways to connect with customers.While these services certainly lend themselves to B2C enterprises such as restaurants and retail stores, they can also be used by nearly any business that wants to enhance customer experience.What Are Location-Based Services?Location-based services reward people for "checking in" using the GPS on their phone while they are at a place of business or event by giving them


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