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Visibility, Credibility, Loyalty: The Benefits of Online Reviews
Today, companies are striving to build a strong presence and strengthen relationships with customers through transparency. Especially now that reviews online are visible to potential leads; whether it is a comment about customer service or the rating of their overall experience, there is no shying away from the fact that reviews influence your company. The […]
3 Ways Cloud Communications Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions
In the years that have followed the passage of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, healthcare providers continue to pursue new ways to reduce patient readmissions. There’s a good reason for that: not only do patients benefit from these efforts but providers that maintain industry-standard readmission rates for certain illnesses avoid the often stiff […]
The New Frontier for Engagement – Interview with Nicolas De Kouchkovsky
Currently reveling in his role as Chief Marketing Officer at Servion and Acqueon, Nicolas de Kouchkovsky is regarded as an experienced advisor and expert in the areas of B2B software, startups, and customer experience. During the course of this interview, Nicolas gave us insights on the importance of the relationship between the contact center and […]