Webinar: Preview of Enterprise Connect “Communications & Collaboration 2021”
Every year, an increasing number of enterprises leverage the power of cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solutions to empower their workforces. So how can your business best leverage cloud technology and take advantage of the industry transformation that is happening over the next three years? As part of the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Florida, in March, UBM will be hosting a conference-within-a-conference on Monday, March 12: “Communications & Collaboration 2021.”  At the event, industry experts and thought leaders will discuss what enterprise decision-makers building a strategic vision need to understand about technology that will be commercially available and enterprise-ready by 2021. You will have the opportunity

We used to live in a desk-bound business world dominated by desk phones, printers, and fax machines. Now we operate in an increasingly mobile environment where text is often people's first mode of communication. Voice and video are table stakes. And newer capabilities like team messaging are increasingly popular, in addition to the many applications that you already integrate and manage in your enterprise. Maximizing productivity is a powerful driver, putting pressure on traditional enterprise communications infrastructure to strategically unify organizational objectives, IT initiatives, customers, partners, and teams— across geographies and offices. There is also the demand to drive down costs and deploy more resources to help the rest of the business, not

Il ne fait aucun doute que le digital est désormais un élément essentiel de la relation client. Les réseaux sociaux ont été les premiers canaux de service client digital. Principalement utilisés à des fins de marketing et de communication, ceux-ci sont très vite devenus un moyen pour les clients de faire parvenir leurs demandes aux […]

5 major Digital Customer Care trends in 2018
The digitization of companies is becoming more and more expected in all industries and customer care is no exception. Companies are changing their strategies in order to be available on more channels, and to increase their reactivity and efficiency for seamless customer care journeys. To do so, they have to take into account the major new trends that surfaced in 2017, many of which will grow in the coming months. 1. Messaging quickly developing as the lead channel to interact with customers In 2018, one trend we are witnessing is that consumers are progressively shifting away from traditional channels like calls and text messages in favor of messaging and this is a trend that is expected to grow. Messenger and WhatsApp, used by 1.2 billion and 1.3 billion users


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