My name's Naveed Husain. I'm the chief information officer, Teachers College, Columbia University. Teachers College, CIS department, or computing and information services. We do development, applications development, project management for IT, buildout of the classrooms, media services, and consultative IT. We are focused mostly on cloud based technology, so that we're all lightweight IAAS infrastructure. We leverage software as a service, platform as a service. The whole idea is to be lightweight and agile and not build up so much hardware here, but actually develop solutions. RingCentral: There seem to be two areas that perhaps are very fundamental to some transformation that you and your

Artificial intelligence making possible new computer technologies and businesses
AI was the big theme of this year's Dreamforce, where I spent most of last week as both a presenter and an attendee. No other annual tech gathering matches Dreamforce in excitement and visionary panache, and for good reason. Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff and his team have always been prescient when it comes to identifying—often years ahead of time—the next big thing. They presaged the importance of enterprise messaging, team collaboration tools, and IoT, among other trends. When they predict that something will shape the technological landscape of tomorrow, it usually does. As someone working in the unified communications space, I share Benioff's

Your business’s reputation is everything, which is why keeping it secure from cyber threats is vital. Part of controlling your reputation is taking control of what information is available to customers online, but there’s more to it than that. You need to protect your business from zero-day exploit so that you never have to be the company that is in the spotlight for a data breach. Here are several different ways you can secure your online business reputation from cyber threats and protect your customer’s sensitive data. 1) Manage Your Online Reputation While you can’t control everything that’s said about you online, you can manage your online reputation in a number

Today’s mobile modern workforce increasingly demands communication and collaboration solutions that work across geographies and devices. We’re seeing greater adoption of our team messaging and collaboration app, RingCentral Glip™, among our RingCentral Office® customers, and today, I’m excited to unveil our new RingCentral Glip iOS and Android apps. With RingCentral Glip, your organization can meet the expectations of employees who expect a work messaging app at least as good as the ones they use to stay in touch with friends. Seamlessly


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