Just when you thought you had made your network safe from the perils of BYOD, users began to bring their own file-sharing programs and other consumer-grade apps to work. Now the hot trend is team messaging, and once again users and individual departments are getting the jump on IT by adopting their favorites. Team messaging apps—or collaboration software as they are sometimes called—expand the familiar instant messaging window into an immersive workspace with the context and content teams need to collaborate efficiently. Users love the ability to share files and calendars, track tasks, participate in group chats, and more. Businesses also appreciate the way team messaging helps

Mobile marketing has become a top priority for businesses in 2017. It offers unprecedented access to resources that used to be exclusive to companies with multi-million dollar budgets. Despite the availability of mobile marketing, payment services, and direct communication with consumers, many companies still resist implementing mobile technology. Their reasons vary between financial constraints, complacency, and being uninformed. These businesses are losing out on revenue and are allowing their competitors to strive forward. Resisting the changing marketplace is a death sentence to modern companies. The New Year brings many changes and can be the turning point for those who want to implement mobile technology into their business strategy.

RingCentral is gearing up to attend ITEXPO 2017 from February 8–10 in Fort Lauderdale, and we hope to see you there. It’s going to be a great opportunity for you to see firsthand how you can drive efficiencies and competitive advantages with RingCentral’s leading integrated cloud communications platform. Visit us at booth #605 for a hands-on demo or to chat with RingCentral staff about your company’s specific needs and initiatives. And be sure to register for your chance to win a pair of BeatsTM headphones. Four RingCentral executives will also be presenting at ITEXPO 2017: Curtis Peterson, Senior Vice President of Cloud Operations, will be

More than 25 million Americans receive assistance each year through a range of social services -- from food for the hungry, to relief for disaster victims, to assistance for the disabled and clothing for the homeless -- thanks to one of RingCentral’s newest customers, The Salvation Army USA. Established in London in 1865, The Salvation Army’s mission is to support those in need, and their incredible work has been ongoing for the past 130 years in the United States. To continue this noble work at greater scale and a faster pace, The Salvation Army national headquarters office in Washington D.C. decided to deploy RingCentral’s cloud communications


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