ChenMed is a forward-thinking organization committed to bringing superior healthcare to the most vulnerable population—moderate-to-low-income seniors with complex chronic diseases. The company was created to address the fractured state of doctor-patient care for seniors, a situation experienced firsthand by the founder in his successful battle with cancer. Today, ChenMed patients experience 38% fewer days hospitalized than the national average for seniors, despite the fact that most of them are living with five or more major and chronic conditions.With a mission to create a healthcare solution specifically for their patients’ needs through dedicated doctors, a supportive team, and customized technology, ChenMed is committed to achieving

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) offers a wide range of services to brokers, sales associates, home buyers, and sellers. Its network includes more than 11,000 affiliated sales associates and approximately 300 offices across the US, Canada, and the Bahamas.The use of inside sales agents, who support real estate agents by conducting various activities surrounding prospects, has become crucial to Nelson Goulart, owner of the BHGRE Signature Service, a branch located in Mississauga, Ontario. When forming his sales team, Goulart realized his existing system did not have the functionality that a successful and mobile sales team required.Goulart was in search of a new

One of the best parts of my job is hearing about how our customers are using RingCentral in innovative ways to empower their businesses. Business leaders from all over the world are leveraging cloud communications to lead their teams to achievements that were previously impossible. It is in this context that I am excited to announce two great opportunities to share your story at ConnectCentral 2017, RingCentral’s annual user conference.Impact and Innovation AwardsThis year, RingCentral will be presenting a total of six awards to IT professionals, integration partners, and developers who have leveraged RingCentral solutions in innovative ways. If you have an interesting story to tell, we want

It’s a given that technology is constantly evolving, with new innovations coming to market every day. Some of these new solutions become the latest trend du jour, and businesses need to carefully evaluate the overall value and benefits of deploying these solutions in their enterprises. The truly disruptive technology is driving the digital transformation that is improving the way many companies operate. That said, there’s some uncertainty in understanding what digital transformation means to different companies. To make it more relevant for both IT and end users in the workforce, this series of blog posts will break it down in terms of specific benefits to businesses from SMB to enterprise.The underlying technology


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