Business telephone systems provide a range of functions that can enrich and improve your staff operations; aside from the obvious communication benefits, a quality telephone system will also allow businesses to improve efficiency in a number of areas - in a large scale business, this can make a huge difference. The differences faced by small businesses and large businesses are poles apart; whilst a small business may suffer due to lack of staff and resource, a large business may suffer due to organisational difficulty - a quality telephone system can help in either case, but undoubtedly offers more benefits to enterprises with a large

ProsperWorks is the #1 CRM for Google. ProsperWorks helps companies sell more with an easy-to-use interface, reduced manual data entry, and a deep integration with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). Our team is super excited to share that we will be an addition to the RingCentral App Gallery! Sales leaders are always looking for ways to increase team productivity. If they’re running a fast-moving team, the most vital day-to-day tools need to all be in one, easy-to-access spot. Toggling between CRMs and cloud communications systems wastes precious moments that should be spent selling…

EAH Housing is a nonprofit corporation founded with the belief that attractive affordable rental housing is the cornerstone to sustainable, living communities. EAH Housing develops low-income housing; manages over 100 properties in California and Hawaii, serving more than 20,000 families, students, people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and the formerly homeless. In 2013, EAH Housing began migrating its IT environment to the cloud by implementing Office 365. The organization has since reached its goal of having zero on-premise reliance. In regards to a phone system, EAH Housing needed an innovative cloud

RingCentral is heading to Orlando, FL to sponsor Enterprise Connect Conference (March 27th — March 30th, 2017) and the associated TADHack (Telecom Application Developer Hackathon, March 25th — 26th, 2017). This is exciting for us since TADHack is the first hackathon to be attached to the Enterprise Connect Conference (we have been sponsors of Enterprise Connect for many years, and this is a really welcomed addition). If you haven’t already registered to participate in TADHack, you can register to participate in TADHack ’17 here. Are


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