Last week RingCentral was in Las Vegas attending Oktane16, Okta's annual customer conference. It was a pretty powerhouse event, packed with cloud industry leaders eager to learn and share their knowledge on the broad potential for integrated apps in the very near future (meaning, now) of business. With integrations as the theme, we immediately felt the sense of partnership setting the tone for the week. Everywhere we went, we saw how working together could create something so much bigger than the sum of its parts. We saw that collaboration among businesses sparked innovation by leveraging the strengths and customer-base for the benefit of everyone involved. Mind-blowing stuff. RingCentral was asked to

If you haven’t registered yet for RingCentral’s first-ever user conference, ConnectCentral 2016, there’s still time. But don’t wait too long. From September 12–14, ConnectCentral will be the epicenter of UCaaS learning, training, in-depth immersion into current and emerging UCaaS technology and solutions, and professional networking. And, as is always the case in San Francisco, big fun. The ConnectCentral agenda covers a lot of ground, including presentations from RingCentral executive leadership and product managers, conversations with RingCentral integration partners, as well as workshops and breakout sessions designed to help you: Administer your RingCentral solutions for maximum impact Build applications and integrations with the RingCentral Connect Platform Streamline your business workflows

Businesses today need to communicate and collaborate better so they can adapt faster to rapid change and increased competition. That’s the reason RingCentral Office added Glip, moving beyond its roots as a cloud phone system to become a comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools. It’s also the reason RingCentral sponsored a webinar on how to “Up Your Collaboration Game in the Age of Digital Transformation,” hosted by No Jitter and Enterprise Connect (replay available). What follows is a recap of the major themes. With digital businesses reshaping so much of the economy, all organizations are recognizing the need to be more agile, but “Your

Group of people talking to a microphone over a conference call at work
All modern businesses should now be well aware the benefits conference calling can have on collaboration and creativity within a workforce. The advances in business communication solutions have seen rapid development in the technology most of us use day in day out for work related tasks. One of the biggest advances by far has been connected with conference calling, both in terms of the technology now available to help avoid dropped calls and to deliver crystal clear connections. How to Get the Most from Conference Calls Conference calls can be used for a number of activities, ranging from the obvious client meetings through to team building for virtual workforces. Whatever the


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