Often times, staying competitive and innovative requires focus and making important decisions to improve the customer experience. Here at RingCentral we understand this very well. And our new partnership with Barracuda reflects this. We are proud to announce that Barracuda has chosen RingCentral as a trusted partner to provide a great alternative for all Barracuda Phone System (formerly CudaTel) customers. Barracuda has made the strategic decision to discontinue production of its Barracuda Phone System and focus resources on its own cloud initiatives and security and data protection solutions. Barracuda simplifies IT with cloud-enabled solutions that empower more than 150,000 organizations worldwide to protect their

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As a leader of RingCentral's Professional Services team, I can say that one of the most satisfying parts of my job is when our team works closely with a client to pull off an implementation smoother than any of us could have anticipated. Every implementation has its challenges, naturally, but it's amazing what we can accomplish with proper planning and close collaboration. That opportunity for synergy is a big part of RingCentral's Professional Services offering. We're here to make sure implementations are successful by providing hands-on support in everything from technical design and deployment to network configuration, integration, and monitoring.

Business cartoon showing a businessman trainer at whiteboard that reads, 'Today's Training:  Tell the Story'.
People are hungry for content and brands needs to have an expertise in storytelling in order to satisfy the content demands of their audiences. In the mobile-era, where companies are busy approaching users on their smartphones, a good story which is able to reach customers in their exact micro moment increases the chances of brand loyalty and conversions. Grabbing someone’s attention in as little as 10 seconds is not easy, and brands need to remain aware of the latest methodologies to enhance brand dominance. Successful mobile marketing strategy coupled with good storytelling is a recipe for marketing success in 2016 and beyond. Using a Master Story to Reach The Entire Marketing Funnel

Young man operating vintage telephone equipment
Remember the good old days when everything was so much more straightforward? We played music on vinyl records, took photos that needed developing and had to agree ahead of time on a place and time when meeting friends. At work, we sent memos, kept files in steel cases and spoke on phones that needed to be plugged into a landline…. hmmm, perhaps not everything has changed. Let’s throwback to the office of the past through the eyes of a ‘vintage’ worker and see just how different it was. Let’s call her Beryl. Beryl works in an office and shares a


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