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Automation is a simple strategy that can go a long way to making your business more productive. In terms of phone systems, there are all kinds of options for businesses to integrate automated services into their daily operations. This can help save time and money, in turn decreasing the stress of day-to-day tasks. Below are four simple ways to introduce automation into your phone system at work. 1) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System An IVR system can deliver thousands of messages per minute. Many of these systems are web-based, which means that businesses don't need to buy additional hardware, software or phone lines to implement this. Via a web portal, businesses

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Technology is always moving forward, and as 2017 gets off the ground, it’s a good time to look at the influential tech trends that we’re sure to be hearing more about in the coming year. Voice Command, AI, and Chatbots Voice command is everywhere, thanks to projects like Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant. Expect 2017 to be the year that intelligent voice-enabled services find their way into all sorts of products, ranging from baby monitors to self-driving cars. At the same time, businesses are finding ways to capitalize on AI and chatbot technology that is getting better by the day. From simple customer service queries to

BACTES is a leader in fulfilling medical record requests for healthcare providers. Their clients include hospitals, insurance companies, attorneys, government agencies and other parties who require access to protected health information (PHI). With RingCentral’s secure and reliable communications system, BACTES gains the trust and partnerships of hospitals and other healthcare organizations to manage their record handling and transmission of PHI. Founded in 1991, BACTES now has more than 500 employees in San Diego, California. They serve more than 5,000 clients in the highly regulated healthcare industry across the US. Scalable and secure cloud communication is essential With the growing demands in managing medical record requests, BACTES needs an

The idea of integrating the contact center with UC may seem radical, especially if your roots run deep with legacy technology and premise-based phone systems. This is still the reality for most businesses, and that assumes you, in fact, have a contact center. There are many reasons why businesses don’t have contact centers, so for them, that conversation hasn’t started yet. When businesses begin to consider cloud-based communications solutions, new possibilities emerge, not just to do old things in new ways, but new things that aren’t currently feasible. The former is addressed by UC, which greatly enhances communication by integrating the various modes we use every day into


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