With RingCentral Call Controller™, you can easily manage your calls from any PC or Mac. This unique, interactive tool provides you with the phone functionality you require - from your computer. Using Call Controller, you're able to: Screen calls Take calls on your PC or Mac View call logs and return calls with a single click Route calls in real-time Type text-to-speech messages to callers before answering Intercept customers while they're leaving a message Join multiple calls into a single call Record calls Design, annotate, send, and receive faxes Make it easy to call Microsoft® Outlook® contacts Fax directly from Microsoft Windows programs Access visual voicemail To download RingCentral Call Controller: Log in to your RingCentral

Why Your Business Needs Online Reviews
For small businesses, online reviews have become increasingly important. Consumers are transitioning away from using phone directories and warming to online search to find local goods and services. Because these reviews show up when consumers search online, they can literally make or break a business. There are two primary reasons why online reviews have become so vital to small businesses. First, consumers who conduct online searches value the opinions of other customers, and thus tend to choose those businesses that have the most positive reviews. In a recent study by Opus Research, 35 percent of small businesses said they have received customers from positive reviews. Further, 84 percent of consumers

9 Best Practices Every Small Business Owner Should Embrace
Growing a successful small business requires much more than just coming up with a good idea. It demands staying dedicated to following a set of best practices that fall into three distinct categories - planning, finances and service. Planning Go into Business for the Right Reason Too many people go into business simply because they are searching for an alternative to their current employment situation. Unfortunately, most of these individuals quickly find out that running a business requires far more time and effort than they had expected. Successful entrepreneurs start businesses because they have passion for what they do, not because they are simply trying to escape a less-than-desirable job. Understand Your Market Having a good

Do more than send a plain old text - fax documents in style. Spice up your faxes by creating custom cover pages for memos, urgent documents and even birthday announcements. First, make sure you've downloaded and installed the RingCentral Call Controller™ for PCs. (Note: Call Controller™ for Mac doesn't support creating custom cover pages yet.) Here's how to create a custom fax cover page: Open the RingCentral Call Controller and click the fax icon. Select Options > Cover Page. Choose a cover page from the selections on the left, then click Add. Give your cover page a name, then click Ok. Select the cover page you've just created, then click Edit. This opens the RingCentral FaxEditor software. Use the FaxEditor


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