Customize your customer’s experience with pre-recorded music. It’s easy to add anything from classical to classic rock and keep your customers entertained while they wait. Simply add a pre-recorded .wav file, and it’ll be music to your callers' ears.Follow these steps:1. In your RingCentral account, click the My Settings tab.2. Click Music-On-Hold in the Call Settings menu on the left-hand side.3. Click the New button corresponding to the music you want to update.4. Enter a name for your music in the Name field.5. If you’re using Internet Explorer, click Import. Browse your computer for the file you wish to import, and click Open to upload it. Click Play to review your greeting.

Does Your Business Need a Local Number?
The benefits of having a toll-free number for your company are obvious. Having an 800 number enables you to attract business from outside of your local calling area. It can also help build credibility, and it’s portable if your firm should ever relocate.So, is there really a need to have a local number? The answer is yes! Having a local number is a smart marketing decision that can maximize your ability to attract new customers.It Can Help Build a Local PresenceA local business phone number can enable you to build a presence through listings in local phone books and business publications. It can also improve

Here’s an advanced tip for users familiar with HTML.Many of you may already be using a RingMe button to give customers click-to call access to your business (click here for a quick refresher on RingMe). And while we offer a range of ever-so-stylish RingMe buttons, you may want to create your own RingMe button image that’s a better match for your company's website. If you know how to create your own graphic, follow the instructions below to customize your RingMe button.Make sure you know the Internet address of the image you want to use for your custom RingMe button. Copy image URL. Paste the URL into the highlighted section of the RingMe button code below(Take care not to change any

6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity
Your workspace plays a key role in your well-being as a business owner. Whether you have face-to-face time with clients at your location or conduct business solely over the internet, you still need to have a space that’s productive for work. Functionality is important, but so are comfort and aesthetics.Here is a list of workspace essentials that will help you maximize your ability to get things done, whether you’re in an office or simply have a corner of your home dedicated to your business.A Second MonitorWhile a single laptop on a desk can have a nice minimalistic look, the addition of a second monitor can significantly increase your productivity. Consider how


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