Introducing the New RingCentral for Microsoft Teams Integration!
Did you know? RingCentral offers the largest ecosystem of integration apps in the communications and collaboration space to maximize productivity and efficiency.  That’s why we’re stoked to announce our latest robust integration into Microsoft Teams. Now, you can call and meet using RingCentral—without having to leave your Teams workspace! TL; DR – RingCentral works across […]
Dos and Don’ts of Patient Scheduling
The healthcare industry loses $150 billion per year to no-show patients. On average, clinics and practices have a no-show rate of almost 19 percent. For clinics, that means they lose revenue on almost one out of every five patients.  Dr. Tashfeen Ekram, physician and entrepreneur, came up with a formula to estimate the cost of […]
New features for you to enjoy in our latest quarterly release
It’s time to review the latest RingCentral Office updates to keep your team’s productivity high and morale even higher.     Here’s a quick look at what’s new in release 20.1: OFFICE Robocall warnings, new devices and more You know those pesky robocalls you’ve been dreading? RingCentral now offers a warning for incoming robocalls, so you can […]