Is An 800 Number Your Solution for Getting Customers to Call?
So you have a website with search-engine-optimized copy. You're on Facebook, Twitter, and you diligently update your business blog. You've even sent out a press release or two. Yet you're still not getting as many customers calling as you'd like. Now is the perfect time to consider getting a toll-free number. An 800 number is inexpensive, easy to obtain and has been proven to get business phones ringing.  Here's why: It Creates a Professional Image Your business instantly gains credibility with a toll-free number, since it takes you a step beyond simply a home or cell number. Your phone number is one of the first impressions you give to callers. Shouldn't this impression

A Recap of Our Non-Traditional Workspace Series on Mashable
Over the last several weeks, we have sponsored a fantastic series about non-traditional workspaces on the social-media news site Mashable. If you missed these articles, we encourage you to check them out. Each article offers a variety of interesting ideas, tips and insights about today's mobile work environments. Here's a rundown on what was featured in this three-part series.   How to: Choose the Best Workspace for your Business In this first article of the series, Jason Fried (the founder of web-based software company 37 signals) and two other entrepreneurs share their thoughts and advice for choosing the optimal space to run a successful business.  

Download RingCentral for iPhone version 2.0 (released September 23, 2010) and make VoIP calls over Wi-Fi! Now you can: • Use your iPhone with RingCentral without using carrier minutes. • Make calls using your iPod Touch or iPad. • Make local calls to the U.S. while traveling internationally. To enable VoIP calling: 1. Download RingCentral for iPhone. 2. Install and start the app. 3. Tap the home icon in the lower left-hand corner. 4. Toggle on VoIP Calling. The RingCentral app is a free download for all RingCentral subscribers. Get it now on iTunes. Please note: VoIP calling is only available on U.S. iOS devices, and RingOut is not available for the iPod Touch or iPad. Metering for VoIP minutes is based on your RingCentral plan.

Never miss an important voicemail when you're out of the office or away from a computer. Checking your messages by phone is a snap. Just follow these five easy steps: 1. Dial your RingCentral number. 2. Press * as soon as you hear the phone ring or the recorded message play. 3. Enter your password and hit the # key. 4. The auto-receptionist will tell you if you have any new messages. 5. Press 1 to listen to your messages. For more voicemail options, check out this article.


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