Have you moved to a new office? Changed your phone number? It’s easy to update your contact information on your fax cover sheets for faxes you send from the Call Controller™. Just follow these steps: 1. From the Call Controller, select Menu > Options > Faxes. 2. Click the Personal Information button.                   3. Type in your name, company, email address, and phone and fax number. 4. Click the Next button. 5. Add your address. 6. Hit Next. 7. Add a Fax Station Identifier. Enter your company’s name and/or phone number. 8. Click Finish. Your updated fax cover sheet is ready to go!

10 Holiday Songs Your Customers Don’t Want to Hear While On Hold
Waiting on hold is something your customers don’t particularly want to do any time of the year. However around the holidays, everyone is a little more rushed, frazzled and irritable than usual. Obnoxious holiday-themed, on-hold tunes can turn even a normally patient and friendly customer into a Grinch. Some holiday classics are sure to spread cheer, but there are definitely a handful of songs worth avoiding. Here are a few holiday hits that you will want to nix! Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas - John Denver This is a depressing, weird song that is sure to turn even your happiest customers into certifiable Scrooges. https://www.youtube.com/v/HzvQr8fidLo Christmas Conga - Cyndi Lauper A catchy yet bizarre Christmas

Holiday Celebrations for Small Businesses
With the economy slowly improving, company holiday parties are beginning to make a comeback. In fact, according to global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 68 percent of businesses plan to hold parties this year. That's a 6-percentage-point increase from last year. The company holiday party is a time to celebrate accomplishments with employees, partners, vendors and customers. It's a chance for everyone to put work down and reflect on the year with food, drinks and entertainment. While small businesses' holiday parties are typically not lavish, there are a variety of celebration options for small business owners who want to share holiday cheer with their team. Here are a

The Wait Is Over – RingCentral App for Android™ is Here!
With more than 300,000 Google Android™ phones being activated each and every day, there is no disputing the popularity of the Android platform. And with loads of available apps and tremendous functionality, it’s no wonder Android users are steadfastly devoted to their phones. We’ve heard many customers ask when we would be releasing our app for Android. Well, the wait is officially over! We’re excited to announce the RingCentral App for Android is here. To download, search for "RingCentral" in the Android Market or scan the QR code to the right with a barcode-scanning app on your Android device.   Now you can make your


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