12 Facebook Pages Small Business Owners Should “Like”
For business owners, there is a tremendous amount of information to be discovered on Facebook, along with significant marketing opportunities.The following 12 Facebook pages can be used as resources for growing your business. We’ve included pages that offer helpful how-to tips, advice and links to relevant business-related articles, as well as a few Facebook pages that can serve as inspiration as you develop your own online community. You’ll definitely want to check out RingCentral’s Facebook page, too, to find regular updates, relevant links, product information and special promotions.For Business AdviceSCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business”The non-profit association with more than 13,000 business experts offers valuable advice

Facebook for Small Business Owners
As part of our continuing Social Media 101 for Small Business series, we’ll be discussing how small business owners can use Facebook as a way to market their products and services.If you have a small business, you have probably heard that Facebook is a great tool for marketing and promotion. You want to learn how to drive customers to your Facebook page, but you also don’t want to turn the task into a major time drain.This is a common dilemma facing small business owners. However, there are a growing number of lawyers, dentists, accountants, restaurateurs and others who are leveraging Facebook to communicate with their existing customer base

This week’s Call Management Series article describes how to use RingCentral as a virtual calling card.Next time you’re on the road and want to make a call from your hotel room, you can use your RingCentral number to make calls. You’ll save money - and the person you're calling will see your RingCentral number in their Caller ID. Calls you make with your number will be tracked in your call logs, as well.Here’s how it works:1. Just dial your RingCentral number on any phone—a hotel room phone, conference room phone, or even a pay phone.2. Press the star key (*), enter your password, and press the pound key (#).3. Press 3.4. Dial the number you want to call

20 Twitter Accounts Every Small Business Owner Should Follow
Besides being a great marketing tool, Twitter is also an excellent resource for information that can help your business grow, keep you inspired and ensure you stay current with what's going on in your industry.We’ve assembled a collection of Twitter accounts that are worth following. The list includes thought leaders, industry experts and companies leveraging social media in new and innovative ways.We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter at @RingCentral, where we share product information, company news and special promotions, along with links to many interesting stories that directly pertain to small business owners and mobile professionals.For Business Advice@ducttapeDuct Tape


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