Before you take in the sights of Paris or meet with the office in Tokyo, make sure your RingCentral account is set up for international calling. Log in to your online account. Go to My Settings > Account Summary. Look for the International Calling link to see if it's enabled. If your account isn't enabled, you won't see the International Calling link. To enable it, go to the Overview tab, and select Click here to enable International Calling in the box on the upper right-hand side. Not sure how to set up call forwarding? Follow these step-by-step instructions. Please note: Trial accounts don't have international calling. Upgrade to a paid account to get complete access.

7 Helpful Toll-Free Numbers for Business Owners
All business owners have questions from time to time. Whether you're pondering how to best file your tax return or just need to know how to correctly punctuate a sentence, you do have resources at your fingertips. The following toll-free numbers are worth keeping handy when you're in need of some free advice.  The SBA 1-800-827-5722 Do you have questions about financing or human resources? Are you in need of statistics to support numbers in your business plan or want to find out how to obtain a government contract? The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) can help. With vast resources for small business owners, it's a good place to start when you need

How to Choose the Best On Hold Music for Your Business
Now that you've read our Tuesday Tip about setting up music on hold, we'd thought we'd carry on the musical theme with some basics on how to choose on hold music that best promotes your brand image while also keeping your callers entertained. With a variety of new music options available at RingCentral, you'll definitely find something just right for your business. If you've ever struggled to remain on hold while having to listen to a song you didn't like, you understand why a business should carefully consider the music it chooses for its phone system. Interestingly, most small business owners invest heavily in developing their brand and

Hey, DJ! Play music for your customers while they wait. Not only will on-hold music keep them entertained, it’s good for business too — it’ll make your business sound more professional, establish your brand, and cut down on customer hang-ups. To set up music on hold: 1. Log in and click My Settings. 2. Click Music on Hold under Call Settings. 3. Select the style of music you want from the music on hold drop-down menu. 4. Click on Submit to save your changes. Select from over 12 types of music including jazz, classic, or reggae. Or click here to learn how to upload your own selection.


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