Can Your Small Business Have A Wikipedia Page?
In the past decade, Wikipedia has become one of the most popular online reference sources. Because the site’s articles consistently show up at the top of online searches, many small business owners wonder if they can simply write a piece about their enterprise and get it posted. For the vast majority of businesses, the answer to this question is no. Most Wikipedia articles are written by unbiased content providers, not by business owners who want an article on the site. Unlike other tools that can help build a business’ online reputation, Wikipedia isn’t a directory. For a business to qualify for a Wikipedia page, they must have already gained significant

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You have a great idea and the enthusiasm to start building a business. But do you know how to get it off the ground? Here are the important first steps you’ll need to take to start your venture off on the right foot. 1. Develop a Plan Before you begin working with your first client, you’ll want to draw up your blueprint for success – a business plan. A well-thought-out plan of action will guide you on your course and serve as a point of reference as you begin to grow. There are many online resources for business plans, as well as templates that can help guide you. The U.S. Small Business Administration is a great resource, with lots of free

The Quilt Bear and IMNatural Keep Business in the Family
Today we'd like to bring you two interesting family businesses that are using RingCentral to help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Both stories highlight the importance of community, a commitment to customer service and true dedication to keeping business a family affair. With nearly 90% of all the businesses in the U.S. owned or controlled by families, enterprises such as these are a vital part of our economy. At RingCentral, we salute the efforts of family businesses and hope you’ll enjoy the following stories.                       The Quilt Bear Founded by Mary Jo and Matthew Blohm of Wauseon, Ohio, The Quilt Bear, an online quilt supply business, was established after a major sewage


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