This week’s Call Management Series article describes how to use RingCentral as a virtual calling card. Next time you’re on the road and want to make a call from your hotel room, you can use your RingCentral number to make calls. You’ll save money - and the person you're calling will see your RingCentral number in their Caller ID. Calls you make with your number will be tracked in your call logs, as well. Here’s how it works: 1. Just dial your RingCentral number on any phone—a hotel room phone, conference room phone, or even a pay phone. 2. Press the star key (*), enter your password, and press the pound key (#). 3. Press 3. 4. Dial the number you want to call

20 Twitter Accounts Every Small Business Owner Should Follow
Besides being a great marketing tool, Twitter is also an excellent resource for information that can help your business grow, keep you inspired and ensure you stay current with what's going on in your industry. We’ve assembled a collection of Twitter accounts that are worth following. The list includes thought leaders, industry experts and companies leveraging social media in new and innovative ways. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter at @RingCentral, where we share product information, company news and special promotions, along with links to many interesting stories that directly pertain to small business owners and mobile professionals. For Business Advice @ducttape Duct Tape

This article - the latest in our call management series - focuses on call recording. Recordings can come in handy when you want to train new employees, evaluate customer-service calls or save conversations for legal reasons. It also eliminates the need to take notes, so you can give each caller your full attention. It’s easy to keep a record of important calls whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road. When you’re on a call, simply press *9 to start recording. Press *9 to stop recording. It works on any phone you’re using, including your mobile phone. Because of regulations around call recording, the caller will hear a notification when the recording starts and ends. You

Twitter for Small Business Owners
As part of our special series Social Media 101 for Small Business Owners, today' we’re discussing Twitter - the popular microblogging site that has become a favorite social-media tool for celebrities, business owners, thought leaders and Fortune 500 companies. But what does Twitter mean for a small business owner? For many, it’s a way to keep up-to-date with colleagues, partners and customers while also being a key platform for broadcasting marketing campaigns and other important announcements. Here are a few of the facts and figures that are persuading a growing number of small business owners to incorporate Twitter into their marketing mix: • 51% of Twitter users follow companies, brands or


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