RingCentral No Hardware Video Contest: Deadline Extended
Calling all owners of frustrating, headache-causing hardware! Want to go to Las Vegas? Here’s your chance. We’ve just extended the deadline for our No Hardware Video Contest. The new deadline for video submissions is now Friday, August 5th to give you two extra weeks to enter.The Details:Create a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) describing your offending piece of hardware. Be creative and tell us how it affects you and your work.• Post your video to your YouTube account and add “RingCentral No Hardware” to the title and video tags.• Complete the No Hardware Video Contest Entry Form.• Let us know you’ve posted a video on our Facebook

How Big Do You Want Your Business to Look?
Thanks to the internet and social media, small businesses (and even solo entrepreneurs) can easily make themselves look like much bigger enterprises. Yet many business owners discover that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to developing an image. In fact, playing up the fact that your business is small can offer a variety of distinct selling points.As the old saying goes, big things come in small packages. And this is often the case for small businesses. Being small is frequently translated in the minds of prospects as being nimble, innovative, cost-effective and more customer-focused.However, creating a brand identity that captures the spirit of small business shouldn’t be an excuse

The RingCentral Reseller Program
Are you an IT or telecommunications consultant who is passionate about RingCentral? Would you like to share the benefits of the No. 1 cloud-based business phone system with your customers, while also enabling yourself to build an extra monthly income stream?With the RingCentral Reseller Program, you'll receive the highest commissions in the industry. By becoming a reseller, you can start earning additional revenue with commission payments on your sales. Here's what the program provides:• Up-front commission PLUS long-term residuals• Monthly promotions and performance incentives• Opportunity to make additional margin on hardware sales• Ability to earn additional income from system installation, setup, configuration and ongoing managementWe know

7 Personality Traits of Successful Business Owners
While there is no one winning formula for business success, there do seem to be character traits that most successful business owners share. In a 2010 study by the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute which polled over 1,000 business owners, the following traits were found to be the most common.Ability to CollaborateAt the top of the list of traits that fuel successful entrepreneurship was the ability to collaborate. The business owners who can work well with employees and vendors are the same ones who build strong relationships with customers.Being Self-FulfilledMost successful business owners take great pride in being their own bosses, creating something of value and having control over how


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