Never miss an important voicemail when you're out of the office or away from a computer. Checking your messages by phone is a snap. Just follow these five easy steps: 1. Dial your RingCentral number. 2. Press * as soon as you hear the phone ring or the recorded message play. 3. Enter your password and hit the # key. 4. The auto-receptionist will tell you if you have any new messages. 5. Press 1 to listen to your messages. For more voicemail options, check out this article.

Cloud PBX Powers Erik Herrera’s Computer Repair Business
Continuing our Non-Traditional Workspace series on Mashable,  which highlights incredibly inspired and unique workspaces, we wanted to bring to you the story of a self-proclaimed "geek" who successfully manages his computer and network repair business while working onsite with customers. Spending much time on the road and in his clients' server rooms, Erik Herrera, one of the three owners of Geek3 Computer Repair, uses RingCentral to provide personalized customer service wherever he is.                       We talked to Erik and learned about how he keeps business functioning and his customers happy while he's on the go. Here's what he shared with us.  Tell us about your business. Geek3 Computer Repair is located in

Looking to modernize your desk phones? Get the latest telephone hardware and unify your employees' experience with business-class desk phones from RingCentral. • RingCentral phones ship pre-configured - simply plug them into your router and start making calls. • Get phones designed for employees, managers and conference rooms. • Purchase Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) to use existing analog devices with RingCentral. Check out a complete list of RingCentral IP phones.

Mobile Tech Keeps Ken Barrett Connected to Laundry Business
Along with our new Workspace Series on Mashable, we wanted to highlight a customer who runs his business from both his laundromat and a home office. Ken Barrett, owner of Washin' Anniston Coin Laundry in Anniston, Alabama, shares with us how he successfully incorporates technology into his business model. We spoke with Ken to learn more about how he stays connected while dividing his time between multiple locations. Here's what he had to say. Tell us about your business. Washin' Anniston is a self-service laundromat serving the residents of Anniston, Alabama. We provide 22 washers and 22 dryers, along with free Wi-Fi and a children's play area for our customers. How do


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