Want to add contacts from Outlook to your RingCentral account? It’s simple to import contact information directly into RingCentral Contacts. First, you’ll need to create a .CSV file in Outlook. 1. In Outlook, go to File > Import and Export… 2. Select Export to a file and click Next. 3. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and click Next. 4. Select Contacts and click Next. 5. Give the file a name, click Next and then click Finish. Once you’ve created a .CSV file, log in to your RingCentral account. 6. Select Contacts. 7. Click the Personal Contacts tab and click Import. 8. Select how you want to handle duplicate contacts (if there are any). You can replace the existing contact with the duplicate, keep the existing contact and use the duplicate to create a new contact

10 Ways Your Business Can Cut Costs in 2011
Finding ways to reduce overhead is a common goal for small business owners. Not only do overhead costs cut your profit margins, they can also literally make or break your business. So, with the New Year now in full swing, we thought we’d share some easy-to-implement ideas on slashing what you pay each month. 1. Barter with Other Business Owners Bartering for products and services is becoming increasingly popular with small business owners who want to network with others, keep income off the books and minimize their expenses. Many communities and industry groups have even established bartering networks that help business owners who are interested in trading what they have to

Congratulations to Our Holiday iPad Sweepstakes Winners!
We had a great response to our Holiday iPad Sweepstakes on Facebook and wanted to take this time to thank all those who participated. One of our winners was Lou Farris of Denver, Colorado. Known as “That Realtor Guy in Shorts,” Lou uses RingCentral’s internet fax to help him manage his business from the road. “I am really enjoying my iPad, and with RingCentral, I’m mobile and don’t have to carry all my file cabinets with me. For the money, there isn’t a better way to take the next step to a green and paperless office. Thanks RingCentral!" Congratulations to Lou and our other three

Thanks to RingCentral, Kim Bell’s Pediatric Language Clinic Stays In Touch With Patients
Entrepreneur Kim Bell - the owner of SPEECH PATHways - is committed to improving speech-impaired children's quality of life. We talked to Kim and learned about not only her dedication to her business but her success in juggling work and family life.                      Tell us about your business. SPEECH PATHways is the only comprehensive pediatric speech-language pathology clinic in Carroll County, Maryland. We open the doors to communication for children challenged by speech and language deficits. Offering speech and language services since 1999, my highly qualified team offers a wide variety of specialized pediatric programs combined with helpful support groups that help pave the road to success. How do you use RingCentral


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