5 Ways to Slash Your Business Expenses
With gas prices now surpassing $4 a gallon in some areas and the cost of many business-related products and services continuing to rise, it’s no wonder many small business owners are seeking out creative ways to save on their monthly expenses. With tax season now over, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your budget to determine if there's any fat that can be trimmed. Not sure where to start? Here are five strategies for saving a surprisingly substantial amount. Become More Energy Efficient Obviously, cutting down on driving to see clients and suppliers can reduce what you’re spending on gas. However, there are ways to reduce energy costs within your

Avoid the Tax Crunch Next Year with These 5 Time-Saving Tips
Countless small business owners are finally breathing a sigh of relief after completing their tax returns in time to meet the April 18th filing deadline. But did filing your taxes require you to spend hours or even days sifting through reports, receipts and forms? If you were overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved with filing this year’s taxes, there are strategies that you can implement now that can help you better prepare for next year. Yes, there is a better system than throwing everything into a box and waiting until mid-April to start sorting it. Here are some quick and easy ways to get organized and simplify the process of

8 Tax-Time Resources for Small Business Owners
Saving receipts, keeping records, making quarterly payments – taxes can seem like a full-time job when you’re a small business owner. In fact, by IRS estimations, it takes the average business 52 hours to file taxes. With the April filing deadline rapidly approaching, it can be a downright overwhelming task! While tax time is often stressful for small business owners, there are a growing number of online tools to help make it a little less problematic.  If you’re in need of a little tax assistance, the following resources are a few worth checking out. Tax Questions Nearly every business owner has tax-related queries. From what qualifies as a deduction to how to

Partner with RingCentral and Profit
At RingCentral, we know that our customers are our most powerful brand advocates. This is why we offer a variety of profitable partnership opportunities to grow both existing and new customer relationships. By partnering with RingCentral, you get a unique opportunity to market the world’s fastest-growing cloud-based business phone system. We provide you with the promotions, tools and support team to enable you to maximize your earning potential, and we offer the highest commissions in the industry. RingCentral Affiliate Program Customers who find that they frequently recommend RingCentral to clients and colleagues can benefit from joining the RingCentral Affiliate Program. By


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