RingCentral Raises $10M to Support Cloud-Based Phone Innovations
We’ve recently received a new round of funding led by Scale Venture Partners, giving us a tremendous opportunity to build momentum as the No. 1 cloud-based business phone system.The Series D funds will help us continue our expansion into new markets while granting us the ability to deliver new products and services.With business owners demanding more mobility and flexibility in their phone systems, we’re very excited about the future. We’re helping businesses in every industry – from mom-and-pop retailers to 200+ person companies.Thanks to the support of investors who share our vision and excitement, we’ve had some

Survey of Spiceworks VoIP Community Reveals 82% of IT Pros Considering a New Business Phone System
We recently reached out to a segment of the Spiceworks VoIP community of IT professionals to find out their thoughts and opinions about VoIP technology and cloud-based phone systems.  Of those who answered our online survey, we gained much insight including this interesting finding - 82% of respondents who don’t use VoIP for business communications are now considering adopting it to replace their existing phone system! Here are some more interesting details from the survey.The majority of IT professionals are comfortable using VoIP in their personal life, but a growing number are also seeing the substantial benefits and cost savings of the technology for business telecommunications. In

RingCentral Data Center Fast Facts
Did you know that RingCentral handles approximately 1 billion minutes of voice traffic per year? Have you ever wondered how we’re able to deliver our business-class phone and fax service over the web? When it comes to ensuring reliable, problem-free service, our data centers are vitally important.Geographically Diverse Data CentersWe house our core technology infrastructure and global network in data centers located on both coasts, alongside the largest internet companies and financial institutions. By having data centers in multiple locations, we minimize the potential for loss or service interruption due to natural disasters or other catastrophic occurrences. Our data centers are also co-located with all of the major

Are You Working This Labor Day?
Labor Day weekend is here - the time to celebrate the end of the summer with a barbecue, picnic or even a leisurely weekend get-away. Yet, for small business owners, holiday weekends are often spent working.A common complaint when running a small business is that it is all-consuming, leaving little time for family, friends and other interests. Can a healthy work/life balance be achieved? The answer to this question lies in how you budget your time and what steps you take to differentiate between time working and time for other activities.In a recent British study of small business owners, nearly 46% said being flexible with their working hours enabled


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