The Freedom of a Flexible Business Environment
As part of our series “Beyond the Office,” today we’re sharing a few strategies for business owners who want a more flexible work environment for themselves and their employees. For those who build flexibility into their business model, the benefits can be substantial. The entrepreneurial spirit often sprouts from the dream of escaping from a traditional office environment. Yet, once former employees launch their own endeavors, many still find themselves working long hours in an office. When followers of RingCentral on Facebook were recently asked what freedom meant to them, answers included “not being trapped at my desk” and “having the freedom to make my own schedule, work as hard

Share Your Hardware Headache and Win a Trip to Vegas
  Almost everyone has at least one piece of hardware that drives them crazy. Whether it’s a temperamental router, a sluggish printer or a downright confusing PBX, hardware hassles happen to even the most tech-savvy of us. Do you have a particularly irritating piece of hardware? If so, we want you to tell us about it! Today, we’re launching our No Hardware Video Contest and, by describing on video the one piece of hardware that drives you crazy, you can win a trip for two to Las Vegas! Want to enter the No Hardware Video Contest? Here's how! • Create a one-to-two-minute video about the piece

10 Tips for a Successful ‘Workation’
In this, the first segment  of our special series “Beyond the Office,” we take a closer look at how small business owners can leverage today’s innovations to give them more freedom to choose how and where they work. Small business owners often struggle with the challenges of taking a vacation. Almost all mental health experts agree that time away from work to unwind and recharge the batteries is necessary. However, without paid time off or back-up help, a getaway can be next to impossible for anyone responsible for all the day-to-day activities required to run a business. [caption id="attachment_3113" align="alignright" width="247" caption="Image Courtesy of Nhom Toi on Flickr"]

Father’s Day Special! 10 TV Dads with Entrepreneurial Spirit
Fathers played pivotal roles in classic TV shows. And those who ran their own businesses have become some of the most lovable and memorable TV characters of all time. In honor of Father’s Day, RingCentral brings you the Top 10 TV dads who defined entrepreneurial spirit and who continue to inspire TV viewers of all ages.                   Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy As the husband of Lucy Ricardo, played by his real-life wife Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz portrayed character Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban band-leader and eventual night-club owner. With humor and style Ricky Ricardo balanced show business with family life, sharing plenty of good times with his friends Fred and


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