A fascinating survey conducted by RingCentral shows an emerging trend in the way America's small businesses are operating. Here's the scoop. When I first started writing for RingCentral, one of the ideas thrown around in our early brainstorming sessions was to open up the data that customers were providing the company in order to help business owners make better-informed decisions about their communications strategies. To their credit, the folks at RingCentral wanted to not only supply their customers with a communications platform but help them be more successful at running their companies. So I'm proud to announce that RingCentral has conducted a study that shows an emerging trend in how America's SMBs are

Bringing Online Customers to You on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Despite the economy, analysts expect this holiday season to be brisk for retailers. Here are some simple, inexpensive steps your business can take to ensure maximum revenue this year. Whether it's because of the sluggish economy or the falling cost of making products overseas, this year retailers are slashing prices on electronics and other consumer goods for "Black Friday." Many are offering price cuts on this day only, while online stores such as Amazon are expecting to have another record-setting year on "Cyber Monday," the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday. If you sell to consumers

Mobility is everything when you travel during the holiday season, so we want to remind you of some of the best features for road warriors that are included in your RingCentral plan. By adjusting a few settings, you'll be well on your way to greater peace of mind - knowing your clients' needs are taken care of even while you're away from the office. Feel free to leave a comment with any related tips you may have for fellow travelers! Call Forwarding Call forwarding is at the top of our list for obvious reasons. This feature allows you to route your callers to up to 10 different numbers including your cell, home, or office phone from any extension. Our

Top 5 Groups Who’ve Embraced VoIP from the Start
1) Spies OK, that's a bit exotic, but the earliest adopters of sending voice packets as data were intelligence agencies that were testing it as a secure communication method. And now the NSA is openly adopting VoIP to improve organizational efficiencies. 2) Carriers Telecom companies were amongst the first to use VoIP. Anyone remember MCI? The early carriers had large portions of their voice networks use the internet, since it was one of the most cost-effective ways to compete on local and national long-distance rates. CLECs were also huge adopters of VoIP - since they competed mostly on price, they had to be. 3) Geeks


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