How to Get a Toll-Free Number for Your Business
First introduced in the late 1960s by AT&T, toll-free numbers have become a ubiquitous communication tool for almost every large company and for a growing number of small businesses. Originally, all toll-free numbers used the 800 prefix. Yet, because of growing demand, 888, 877, 866 and 855 were added, and AT&T is no longer the exclusive provider of these numbers. Nearly every business can benefit from having a toll-free number!  Here are some of the advantages of having your own. Not only is a toll-free number helpful because it enables customers to call at no charge to them, it also builds your business’ credibility, improves customer service and even becomes

Today’s tip is the first in a new series about call management. We’re kicking things off with answering rules. Answering rules enable you to control how you want to handle incoming calls. They also give you the flexibility to leave the office and not worry about missing an important call. Are you stepping out for lunch? Going on vacation? No problem. Use answering rules to route calls anywhere - to your mobile phone, a coworker’s extension or voicemail. It’s up to you. Customize your answering rules to work the way you do. RingCentral's system can route calls wherever you want them to go. Set up rules based on the time of day or by the phone number

Happy President’s Day!
Monday is President's Day - the day to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and their contributions to the United States. Whether you'll be taking advantage of weekend sales, skiing the slopes, enjoying some quality family time or catching up on work, we at RingCentral wish you a wonderful holiday.

Cloud Phone Makes Order Fulfillment a Snap for Mary Jo Blohm and Matthew Boyd
Today, we conclude our special Valentine’s Day series by bringing you the story of Mary Jo Blohm and Matthew Boyd. They are the owners of The Quilt Bear, a growing online quilt supply business. Together, they manage their business’ operations while also finding time to enjoy their many hobbies and interests. Here’s what Mary Jo shared with us about how they juggle day-to-day work responsibilities while also having lots of fun. Tell Us About Your Business. We have an online quilt shop that sells fabric, supplies, books, patterns and gifts worldwide. We are very active on Facebook and give 10% of our profits to a variety of charities. How Did You


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