For years, a big part of the RingCentral story has been moving business communications to the cloud and in particular about eliminating the need for traditional office phone system hardware. In his opening keynote at the RingCentral ConnectCentral 2017, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the Board Vlad Shmunis was ready to declare victory on that score -- and explain how RingCentral is moving on to bigger ambitions.“We are not just about replacing PBX-es,” he said, referring to the private branch exchange boxes steadily disappearing from wiring closets across the world. “We’re about collaborative communications.” That’s a broader vision about using communications technologies

At RingCentral, we are constantly striving to bring people closer together and streamline the way you work. One way we do this is by ensuring that all of your favorite applications work in harmony with your RingCentral cloud communications and collaboration solution. That’s why we’re excited to announce our native integration within Gmail.What does this mean for Gmail users?RingCentral for Gmail makes communicating with email easier. Users can transform their Gmail application, whether they are on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet, into a powerful tool that surfaces contextual information within an email. It’s now possible to access and message your contacts within the context of your email conversations, especially remotely.How does RingCentral

Today, RingCentral is kicking off its annual user conference, ConnectCentral 2017, in San Francisco where RingCentral customers, partners, and influencers are gathering to explore the power of connection and the future of the digital workplace.When we think about where the industry is today and how far we have come in the last decade, one thing stands out. Today, voice and video communications, combined with team messaging and collaboration, are proving to be part of something larger -- what we call “collaborative communications.” At RingCentral, we’re not just unifying different modes of conversation, but enabling open, intelligent workflows through integrations to create a seamless experience,

The first day of RingCentral’s ConnectCentral annual conference included a series of RingCentral University sessions offering in-depth training to those responsible for managing their organizations’ product and solutions experiences.RingCentral Office training was divided into two levels, with the Level 2 class delving deeper into debugging network issues (for example, related to the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP). The Level 1 class touched on those issues also, with an emphasis on the most commonly useful troubleshooting tips, but also took a broader look at the RingCentral platform, including RingCentral Meetings and Glip. A third session focused on RingCentral Contact


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