It’s time for every RingCentral channel partner to take a closer look at Glip, RingCentral’s team messaging and collaboration solution, which is included and integrated with RingCentral Office but can also be sold separately. It’s the best way to make a strong impression on prospective customers.I will share more about the value of Glip for the channel in a RingCentral-partner exclusive webinar on Tuesday, December 5 at 9 a.m. PT. Please contact your channel manager or log in to the partner portal to register.As a preview, here are the insights of one channel partner who has made Glip a central part of her prospecting and presales

Cloud communications and collaboration technologies play a critical role in today’s digital workplace, enabling anytime, anywhere experiences from any device. Today’s business users bring different work styles and expectations to the work environment—along with their own tools and apps—creating new challenges for IT. So how can IT manage this new reality while also preparing for what comes next?At ConnectCentral 2017, the RingCentral annual conference, customers shared their real-life stories of the digital workplace and what’s in store for the future. During this insightful panel discussion, customers related how their companies empower their workforces to work the way they want, all the while balancing requirements around corporate standards, compliance, and security. See

It’s no surprise that consumer technology inevitably makes its way into the workplace. It’s a pattern we’ve seen many times over with technologies like instant messaging, mobile apps, and more. The same pattern is set to take place once again with voice assistants coming to the workplace, and we believe the impact will be big.Today at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon introduced its new Alexa for Business, which was announced in a keynote address by Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon. Many consumers are already familiar with the technology in their homes. Amazon has been leading the charge in voice assistants with their Alexa-powered Echo devices, enabling people

By enabling the free flow of information and data worldwide, the internet has made today’s digital workplace possible. Now companies of any size can have employees and offices across the globe, from a solitary telecommuter in rural US to a building filled with workers in urban Hong Kong—and everywhere in between. And all of these people want the freedom to work anywhere, any time, and on any device they choose.Enter cloud unified communications (UC).Cloud UC solutions allow companies to put their people at the center by integrating multiple communications and collaboration modes into a single user experience. After deploying these solutions, most companies have discovered that cloud UC also improves


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