Your business’s reputation is everything, which is why keeping it secure from cyber threats is vital. Part of controlling your reputation is taking control of what information is available to customers online, but there’s more to it than that. You need to protect your business from zero-day exploit so that you never have to be the company that is in the spotlight for a data breach. Here are several different ways you can secure your online business reputation from cyber threats and protect your customer’s sensitive data. 1) Manage Your Online Reputation While you can’t control everything that’s said about you online, you can manage your online reputation in a number

Today’s mobile modern workforce increasingly demands communication and collaboration solutions that work across geographies and devices. We’re seeing greater adoption of our team messaging and collaboration app, RingCentral Glip™, among our RingCentral Office® customers, and today, I’m excited to unveil our new RingCentral Glip iOS and Android apps. With RingCentral Glip, your organization can meet the expectations of employees who expect a work messaging app at least as good as the ones they use to stay in touch with friends. Seamlessly

Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD), one of the most prominent school districts in Northern California, had a very important decision to make this past summer. Staff and teachers needed a powerful unified communications solution that integrated seamlessly with Google Apps for Education, a vital tool that SCUSD uses districtwide. This was by no means an easy task. The district required a solution that could be up and running for nearly 2,000 administrators, faculty and staff members by the start of the new school year. SCUSD examined many options but quickly recognized the benefits that RingCentral provided compared to

According to Salesforce, Dreamforce is now the largest tech conference for software in the world, and this year was certainly the most impressive Dreamforce to date! The event has grown into a massive and ambitious celebration of innovation and altruism, with the core theme focused on advancements in digital transformation and “customer trailblazing.” This year there was a greater focus on philanthropy, equality, and empowerment; Salesforce shared how cloud technology, growth, and leadership in business fosters the mindset and resources to help less fortunate overcome life threatening challenges. Many of the sessions at the conference were around generating more meaningful customer insights and interactions, saving time,


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