RingCentral is excited to attend the AWS re:Invent 2016 show. It’s going to be a fantastic gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community—the perfect forum to learn about RingCentral’s cloud business communications solution. Discover the power of seamlessly integrating voice, SMS, fax, and collaboration for your business. Three awesome prizes and a fun contest Win a Google Pixel. Create a WebRTC for your chance to win the Google Pixel. Sign up for a free developer account and dazzle us for the win. The winner will be announced on Thursday, December 1 at 3 p.m. Two Raspberry Pi Starter Kits. Get your developer groove going with a

Central to a comprehensive cloud strategy is the migration of mission-critical applications from on site. Business productivity applications, such as Salesforce, were the first to move. And as more businesses are moving mission-critical communications to the cloud, network requirements are shifting. In our experience with over 350,000 businesses, a critical balancing point is between the strain applications place on the network and the network bandwidth required to support these applications. And with the prevalence of BYOD devices, access to social media, and media streaming, the requirements must jump even further. Curtis Peterson, SVP of Global Operations, has spent the last six years building out the RingCentral communications system.

Today we're announcing our latest innovation for Apple phone users: an enhancement offering hassle-free call handling and improved interactivity for mobile handsets. Whether at work or at play, the average person today is on the go more than ever, and also relies more heavily than ever on his or her smartphone. These users need streamlined functions to maximize their productivity. RingCentral’s Integrated Calling feature answers that need. Easy, one-touch incoming call functionality The feature is an enhancement that includes a new capability provided by Apple, CallKit. It leverages the latest iOS 10 platform tools to simplify the way users handle incoming calls from a locked screen or when on

Remote work is the future. Does that sound preposterous to you? Then you probably didn’t know one-third of Americans consider themselves to be freelancers or self-employed. There are many advantages for remote workers. For starters, they have more free time; they don’t have to commute or pay for transportation; and they get to work from a personal space of their choosing. The benefits are also attributed to why remote workers are more productive, and they tend to work longer hours—including when they’re sick. Businesses are starting to see the advantages of bolstering a remote workforce, as well. That’s why the number of remote workers and freelancers in the country


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