8 Digital Marketing Metrics Your Business Can’t Live Without

All thanks to the digital marketing age – marketers don’t need to execute marketing strategies blindly anymore. You can measure the metrics and other analytical data in real-time on the go! Every digital marketing tool today comes with some sort of associated metric that can help you in measuring your success. However, with the easy availability of tools and metrics comes a bigger responsibility. Responsibility to choose the metrics and success measuring tools properly. Marketers can simply end up wasting their time with the wrong choice of metrics. To aid you, we are here with just the right collection of metrics that play an influential role in measuring

RingCentral Empowers HFC Brands’ Franchisees with Mobility, Call Insights, and Marketing Efficiency

We are excited to announce that Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), a leader in home services and parent company to Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, and Concrete Craft™, has selected the RingCentral Office solution to gain unprecedented insight, mobility and efficiency for business calls for its multi-national team of over 900 franchisees across more than 1,200 locations. RingCentral empowers HFC brands’ franchisees to work in the field, whether in their cars, at customer sites, or any other location without worrying about missing business calls. RingCentral also gives the HFC Corporate Office the ability to

3 Tips to Increase Small Business Marketing Outreach

Consumer behavior is changing. Now people spend their lives online researching, reviewing and buying products and services. That’s why it’s essential for small businesses to expand their online presence. But how to improve your marketing outreach? Here is a list of 3 effective ideas for small business that are worth looking at. 1) Create and promote engaging video content Video content has become a crucial part of online communications and marketing strategies. And online video continues its inimitable rise. About 64% of website visitors are more likely to purchase goods after

The Future of Team Collaboration: Interview with David Van Der Steen, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at RingCentral

Collaboration takes on many different forms in a corporate environment. Whether it is brainstorming ideas for a new campaign or simultaneously working on a webinar deck, people must be able to work together efficiently. Today, however, it can be a challenge to achieve this. With employees in different locations, time zones, and offices, there needs to be a way for everyone to come together. Many times people use email, chat, or similar outlets to combine their ideas. These channels may work for some tasks, but they are not the most effective or fastest way to conduct business. As collaboration is the glue that

3 US Laws Related to Email Marketing You Need to Know

There’s a good financial reason that businesses are increasingly focusing on email marketing: according to a study by Pingdom, a well executed email marketing campaign returns just over $44 for every dollar a company invests. Simply buying an email list and firing off thousands of emails, however, will likely land you in legal trouble. So before launching your first email marketing campaign, you should be familiar with the three following U.S. laws that each apply to different aspects of email marketing. 1) CAN-SPAM: Requiring Sender Disclosure The CAN-SPAM Act is the most on-point law relating to email marketing in the U.S.  Enacted in 2003,


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