As we covered in the first post of our three-part blog series related to a recent digital workplace research report, the majority of workers today spend at least an hour a day toggling between different communications apps – a serious drain on productivity that is only threatening to get worse.What’s the solution to this workplace chaos?One Enterprise Communication SolutionThe sheer number of communications apps is at the heart of the issue. Half of workers today use more than four communications apps, so it’s no surprise they’re feeling overwhelmed. According to the majority of workers, the solution is a single platform that  unifies all communications capabilities.[bctt tweet="Two-thirds of workers want a

On June 13, RingCentral will be hosting RingCentral Forum Live, an evening of networking, food, cocktails, and thought-provoking conversation at the New York Stock Exchange in the financial district of New York City. I hope you can join us there.As we’ve seen from past events like this, RingCentral Forum Live often marks the starting point of the strategic partnership we form with all new customers. This partnership begins with the planning phase, carries through implementation, and continues to our award-winning service and support.At RingCentral Forum Live, I will be discussing how we are seeing IT teams adapt to the changes happening in business today. We’ll take a closer look at how new

Unified communications entered business terminology in the mid-1990s, and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) rose to prominence approximately two decades later. This category has since evolved significantly over the last few years, so let’s examine what UCaaS is today and where it’s headed.What is UCaaS? (Unified Communications as a Service)Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides a cloud-based business communications system across multiple channels and devices. UCaaS combines phone service, video conferencing, team messaging, SMS, fax, and other communications tools on a single integrated cloud platform. It is designed to be accessed from any device – desktops, laptop/tablets, or mobile

May 25th 2018 marks an important date for RingCentral and our customers in Europe and around the globe as the European Union will introduce the General Data Protection landmark privacy regulation, highlighting the changes to its existing privacy guidelines.The GDPR builds on the previous EU Data Protection Directive, which left the data protection landscape in Europe with a lack of consistency and a patchwork of national regulations. The GDPR will centralise data protection in the EU and will be governed by each nation’s regulatory body. With the weight of large fines behind it, the GDPR is


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