Team messaging apps are growing quickly in popularity as the preferred “home base” for business communications. While most small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the value of team communication apps for their internal teams, smart SMBs are extending their use of team messaging to include external stakeholders.  The results are small businesses that get - and give - more value in their relationships with suppliers, contractors, and customers.Team messaging extends communications beyond internal teamsYour employees need to stay up-to-date and engaged on time-bound projects – but so do

The new digital landscape has rewritten the rules for how companies engage with customers. The contact center is under increasing pressure to evolve with these new requirements, with a need to engage how and when customers want across myriad channels, and in ways that mirror how people now connect with one another.But the challenges are many. For starters, legacy systems often lack the flexibility necessary to adapt to this new environment. In addition, gaining approval to upgrade legacy contact centers—which are already often viewed as cost centers—can be an uphill climb. The good news is that cloud technologies change everything, offering the opportunity to dramatically improve

Today’s workplace is filled with countless tools that promise to save time and increase productivity. There are apps for voice calls, text, web meetings, video conferencing, team messaging, and more. The more apps there are, the more frustrated workers seem to become. In our recent study, From Workplace Chaos to Zen, more than two-thirds of respondents said they waste up to 60 minutes at work navigating between apps. In fact, many find it so frustrating that they said they’d rather do household chores or pay bills than deal with this app madness.  In our study, 66 percent of workers said

September 2018 marks the fifth anniversary of our initial public offering, and it’s been an exciting ride. We’re celebrating the event by ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on September 5th.It’s a significant milestone that allows us to reflect on how far we’ve come—and the opportunity still ahead.RingCentral launched with a simple concept—help employees become more productive by creating seamless interactions across multiple devices and locations. It’s been humbling to see that idea turn into an industry-leading company.RingCentral is now the #1 cloud business communications provider worldwide, winning industry-wide recognition from analysts, including Gartner. A little-known company in 2012, RingCentral became a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for Unified


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