At our recent ConnectCentral 2018 conference, futurist Jacob Morgan shared the three keys to a successful employee experience: culture, physical space, and technology. As a company with offices throughout the world, RingCentral strives to provide a great experience for all of our employees and be a global employer of choice.That’s why we were thrilled when RingCentral’s Xiamen, China, office was recently awarded the prestigious Liepin Extraordinary Employer Award for the second consecutive year. It’s no coincidence that both awards have been received under the leadership of Marc Chan, VP and GM of RingCentral China. Marc has rapidly grown RingCentral’s footprint in China and now leads more

RingCentral Office integration apps let you connect and collaborate from anywhere at any time.
The user experience is at the heart of RingCentral Office. That means not just providing a simple easy to use communication suite, but also integrating into the rest of your work environment. RingCentral Office unifies phone, video, conferencing, and messaging on one easy-to-use cloud platform. You can integrate RingCentral Office with the business and workplace apps your teams use every day—including productivity, CRM, infrastructure, service support management, and productivity apps—for a more seamless experience that eliminates the need to switch tools when you need to send a message, make a quick call, or jump in a meeting.Unify

VoIP is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking technologies of the last 25 years.VoIP, voice over internet protocol, enables reliable, high-quality phone service anywhere you have internet access. It eliminates the need to use landlines for real-time conversations.But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of VoIP technology.VoIP advantages for small businessesWhy is VoIP better? Here are several reasons why small business owners are embracing this technology to power their business communications:VoIP phone systems deliver cost savingsEvery dollar counts for a small business. On both an up-front and monthly cost basis, VoIP phone systems cost significantly less than regular landlines. Check out our VoIP

Cloud communications decision makers are often drawn in by the bells and whistles of the latest innovations. It can sometimes be difficult to evaluate what are likely the most critical factors in the provider selection process, specifically a provider’s historical service performance and security posture.Approximately half of businesses currently using UCaaS in Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 US survey are considering replacing their providers, driven by a desire to improve security (45% of respondents), lower cost per seat (44% of respondents), and increase reliability (42% of respondents).That IT/telecom decision makers highly value service reliability and security isn’t entirely surprising. Downtime from service failures can have severe consequences, including lost


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