The 4 Skills Every CIO Needs in 2020
The era of the CIO elbows-deep in the server stack and data center is long gone. Today’s CIOs are more business enablers than operational technology managers, thanks to the rise of cloud computing and process automation. They don’t need to manage hardware as much as they need to broker the right cloud services and align […]
SNCF: A Seamless Customer Experience for Connected Travelers
SNCF carries more than 3 million passengers in France every day. To adapt to the digital habits of its customers, the company is present on the channels they use daily, such as messaging. By leveraging RingCentral Engage Digital, SNCF unifies the management of all its digital channels to provide instant answers to passengers. Watch the […]
How the Right Approach to Collaboration Can Foster an Empathetic Culture
Collaboration is key to getting work done at any organization, hence the investment in so many collaboration tools. Organizations not only are trying to get their employees to collaborate with each other, but also with customers. But according to a new article from the Harvard Business Review, leaders tend to think of collaboration narrowly: as […]