2017 has kicked off to be a busy year! We’re seeing more and more enterprise customers driving demand for cloud communications, which means the opportunity for channel partners is HUGE. Increasingly, I hear customers say that going forward they will be “cloud first” and “cloud only” when it comes to all things IT. According to a recent NoJitter report, more than half of companies surveyed said they currently use or will be using the cloud for their unified communications needs in the next 12 months. Although the opportunity is great, so is the challenge of migrating enterprise customers from their legacy on-premise systems to our flexible cloud

When Structural Group decided it needed a new-generation flexible, mobile-first solution to enhance customer engagement and productivity for its mobile workforce, it turned to RingCentral. A recognized leader in the specialty construction industry, Structural Group has more than 1,800 employees across 22 locations in North America. With such a distributed workforce, Structural Group understood the value of cloud communications and was in the market for a flexible, collaborative solution. With a small internal team, Structural Group needed a solution that was both user-friendly and easy to administer and manage. The RingCentral Professional Services team assisted with project management, porting, and several other

Just when you thought you had made your network safe from the perils of BYOD, users began to bring their own file-sharing programs and other consumer-grade apps to work. Now the hot trend is team messaging, and once again users and individual departments are getting the jump on IT by adopting their favorites. Team messaging apps—or collaboration software as they are sometimes called—expand the familiar instant messaging window into an immersive workspace with the context and content teams need to collaborate efficiently. Users love the ability to share files and calendars, track tasks, participate in group chats, and more. Businesses also appreciate the way team messaging helps

Mobile marketing has become a top priority for businesses in 2017. It offers unprecedented access to resources that used to be exclusive to companies with multi-million dollar budgets. Despite the availability of mobile marketing, payment services, and direct communication with consumers, many companies still resist implementing mobile technology. Their reasons vary between financial constraints, complacency, and being uninformed. These businesses are losing out on revenue and are allowing their competitors to strive forward. Resisting the changing marketplace is a death sentence to modern companies. The New Year brings many changes and can be the turning point for those who want to implement mobile technology into their business strategy. To begin


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