Many businesses rely on Google Cloud as their chosen interface for day-to-day productivity. From historic Teachers College, Columbia University through to Silicon Valley start-up ProsperWorks, the app is used for email, calendars, file sharing, meetings and more. It’s how they get things done. At RingCentral, we offer seamless integration with Google Cloud, while leveraging all the benefits of cloud communications. We empower businesses to not only get things done, but to achieve their goals through connectivity, collaboration and efficiency. Different workspaces, one global solution For CRM provider ProsperWorks, the freedom to work from any location while maintaining process and project efficiency is fundamental. With the RingCentral

Within the next five years, solar energy will be the lowest cost form of electricity for U.S. single family suburban homes. This is thanks in large part to one of RingCentral’s newest customers, Oakland, CA-based Sungevity, Inc. Sungevity is a fast-growing technology-led business known for software innovations that make going solar easier and more cost effective, and we’re pleased to announce today that they have selected RingCentral as their unified communications cloud solution. Sungevity’s mission to make customer service better through more efficient technology strikes a chord with us – and they felt the same way when they looked at our platform and saw the projected efficiencies –

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At RingCentral, we believe that technology innovation is creating positive change. This month marks a milestone in our efforts to create an entire culture dedicated to this entrepreneurial innovation, with our 100th patent being issued.   But we don’t stop with patents. Today’s digital economy requires organizations to connect more people, devices, applications, and data than ever before to drive business value. We understand that the way to address this increasingly complex challenge is to take a holistic approach by building a complete unified communications and collaboration platform that leverages the best digital technologies. What’s exciting to me is that today’s incarnation of

Organizing an event can be difficult, especially if you’ve never been in charge of an event before. There are so many little details that it can seem overwhelming. You may have to deal with securing a venue, finding a caterer, handling attendee registration, working out travel arrangements for speakers, and more, depending on what type and how large of an event you’re doing. With all of that and more, it’s no wonder event coordinators get overwhelmed. Fortunately, if you follow these eight techniques to great event success, you won’t be quite as stressed out. 1) Have a goal When you start organizing your event, you’ll have a clear overall goal: have a great


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