Coaching is the thing every sales leader wants their managers doing more of.  Yet it is the thing that consistently falls through the cracks?  Why?  Because building and maintaining a coaching program is hard.  Sales managers themselves say they aren’t very good at coaching. Why do sales managers admit that they underperform on coaching?  Because in order to develop a scalable sales coaching program, you face these roadblocks: Waiting around for a coachable moment takes a lot of time and feels very unproductive.  For many sales managers listening in live means hearing a lot of automated greetings, phones ringing with no answer, worthless conversations with administrative assistants, and voicemails. Managers don’t have a model for what ‘good’ looks like for various

The unified communications and collaboration (UCC) space has evolved in a significant way over the past year. Vendors, industry pundits, and influencers weighing in on the direction of the industry seem to agree on one point—the promise of UCC is finally here. The promise of UCC needs to go beyond multi-modal communications in one place. Rather, it should be about what the cloud can do to transform the way people work. I’ve said before , that it’s about unified experiences, not just unified communications. Our vision of this is coming to fruition by combining best-in-class UCaaS, team messaging and collaboration, video and web conferencing, cloud contact center—all served on an open platform, at global scale. As a company built

Doctors and nurses have a tremendous need for rich and real-time communication and collaboration. RingCentral now allows healthcare professionals to use RingCentral Glip in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This means healthcare professionals can discuss patient information in a RingCentral Glip conversation without compromising HIPAA guidelines. Like RingCentral’s cloud-based phone solution, which is already widely used by medical practices, RingCentral Glip can now be used by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Both are part of RingCentral Office, our comprehensive suite of communications and collaboration tools. That is significant because there has never been a greater

Contact center platforms are usually thought of as being horizontal solutions, providing agent-centric metrics that apply to all types of businesses. This certainly reflects conventional thinking about how to support customers as well as how best to track the performance of agents. To a large extent, this reflects the fact that most contact center deployments are premise-based and run largely on proprietary technology. By extension, this means they function very well for a particular set of needs, but have limited flexibility for anything else. These solutions have become highly standardized in order to support the widest range of customers possible; and while that brings efficiency to the contact center,


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