As RingCentral deepens its Recommended for G Suite Partnership, we want to continue to provide enterprises the flexibility to choose the Google authentication method for their IT environments. RingCentral already supports Google login option (OAuth 2.0) for all RingCentral Office products and we are excited to announce with Google that RingCentral Office products will integrate with Google’s SAML Implementation for Single Sign-On (SAML SSO). SSO is a very popular enterprise application that enables employees in a company to access all the company applications with one set of credentials. Depending on the company, the credentials can include email and password.

In recent years one of the biggest impacts that technology has had on the way businesses operate is increasing as well as improving communication channels. The way many of us now interact, liaise and network while at work has been transformed by a range of technology, some of which builds on traditional structures and other means that have completely revolutionized the way businesses work. This shift has had a profound effect on the way that businesses function in a number of ways. Collaboration tools such as Glip make it easier than ever to communicate with colleagues or clients wherever a worker is based in the world. This has led to an

Integrations are vital for a productive and ever-changing work environment. RingCentral, along with Google Cloud, continues to create a solution with time-saving tasks that give users the ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect anywhere and at any time. RingCentral is dedicated to continuing to deepen its partnership with Google as a Recommended for G Suite partner by having eight integration points with Google. For example, Open Mortgage, based out of Austin, TX, required a solution to streamline their daily collaboration needs. Open Mortgage has boosted their productivity by integrating RingCentral’s business communications with key Google G Suite applications that provide users with a

As outpatient clinics play a bigger role in reorganizing healthcare around the needs of the patient, RingCentral Glip can help make care teams more efficient and effective. Outpatient clinics are important because they fill the gap between the hospital and the traditional medical practice. Outpatient surgery centers allow many common procedures to be performed on a same-day basis, without the need for a hospitalization. Clinics help patients who have been discharged from the hospital complete their recovery and avoid expensive readmissions. They gather physicians and other healthcare workers with multiple specialties or related specialties under one roof, allowing them to do a better job of acting as a care team that


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