It is common knowledge that a beautiful smile works wonders. Not only does oral hygiene promote dental health, but also it improves overall well being and increases self-esteem, making a visit to the dentist a positive and pleasant experience. Communication about dental care and treatment options plays an important role in fostering an effective dialogue about oral healthcare. This is why leading dental support organization Pacific Dental Services (PDS®) chose RingCentral to take their communications to the next level.Founded in 1994, PDS enables dentists to focus on clinical excellence and the highest levels of cost-effective, comprehensive patient care by providing the business support structure, including the latest technology, highly skilled

Recently, RingCentral took center stage at the Enterprise Connect 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida. During the event, we spoke to more than 200 IT leaders who visited our booth and gathered feedback on the proliferation of business communications and collaboration apps and their sentiments about managing these disparate apps in their organizations. The responses demonstrated that IT faces serious challenges related to app overload in the workplace and they seek a better way.Here are some of the feedback highlights we captured live from IT leaders at Enterprise Connect 2018. to our findings based on a recent survey of 2,000 knowledge

As we concluded the last full day of the conference, we can state that the word most frequently discussed was collaboration. Enterprises are turning to collaboration to give their employees the time and context to actually get work done.We saw this with David Sipes, RingCentral’s COO, in his Industry Vision keynote today, where he used examples from healthcare, manufacturing, and the engineering sector. To set the context he discussed the Charlie Chaplin movie, Modern Times, where Chaplin played a worker who was able to keep up for a while with the pace of his work until the pace got out of control and a

It was another great day at #EC18. This year’s conference, as No Jitter Publisher, Eric Krapf, stated, is one of the biggest in its 28-year history.A high point for us was the Havana Nights party. We enjoyed special drinks, tasty bites, hand-rolled cigars, and got to take home some festive hats. It was a great time to relax, mingle and connect with peers on hot topics from  the day.During the day in the various sessions and conversations at the booth, we heard from IT professionals, vendors, and analysts about how companies are bringing new


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