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December 5, 2016
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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Spread Holiday Cheer With RingCentral

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Spread Holiday Cheer With RingCentral

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are cooler, and you’re already starting to put things on the calendar for 2017. That means the end of the year is approaching, along with the beginning of the holiday season. For many small businesses, the next few weeks can be extremely busy as holiday shopping and travel kick into high gear. Here are five ways your RingCentral cloud phone system can help you keep on top of your business and spread some holiday cheer this season.

1) Put a holiday spin on your hold music

The right music can put people in the holiday mood. Use RingCentral’s custom hold music to spread a little cheer to your customers over the phone. Flexible scheduling options let you play different music during different times of day—and you can change the music for each extension, or even play custom greetings based on caller ID information. There’s tons of great holiday music available, so you can go with traditional favorites or more modern holiday tunes. Whatever fits your business, RingCentral lets you customize your messaging quickly, giving you an easy way to embrace the holidays.

2) Promote your holiday hours and specials

While you’re adding holiday music to your phone system, use this as a chance to promote any special events, extended hours, or holiday discounts you’ll be offering over the next few weeks. Update your Auto-Receptionist message to relay important information related to the holidays, or even set up a special holiday extension with an outgoing message to provide more information to your customers. Adding an extension for the holidays is simple and can be done from any desktop computer or mobile device.

3) Use Business SMS

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and holiday travel can make staying in touch with important customers that much more difficult. One easy way to stay in touch with customers during the holiday season is using Business SMS from RingCentral. SMS messages are faster than email, which is perfect for the busy holiday season. Even if they’re away from a computer, chances are customers will still have their phones with them. Using Business SMS, you can message customers from your mobile device, tablet, or computer using your business number. You won’t have to give out your personal number in order to stay in touch, and you can use Business SMS from anywhere, even when you’re out of the office for the holidays.

4) Stay on track with RingCentral Glip

Even while your team is off enjoying time with family, there’s sometimes business that needs to be attended to. Glip gives your employees the freedom to travel over the holidays, while still keeping everyone connected and focused on critical business. Share files, manage tasks, and keep everyone up to date on work in progress without the clutter of long email chains. Glip simplifies team communication so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays.

5) Provide great customer service

The holidays are a challenging time of year for small businesses, but it’s also a great time to let your superior customer service shine. Using RingCentral’s simple and flexible call routing and notifications will help you stay in touch with customers, even when your employees are enjoying time off. Flexible answering rules let you schedule in advance which lines will ring during certain times, so you can ensure complete phone coverage. Forwarding options are perfect for transferring incoming calls to a list of numbers in sequence, so you can have a fall-back plan in place for times when your staff is limited. RingCentral’s advanced notifications can also help during the busy holiday season. Use call notifications to alert team members to messages that need attention, ensuring the best possible service to your customers throughout the holiday season.

With RingCentral, your small business can help spread some holiday cheer this season.