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January 18, 2017
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How Can Small Businesses Attract and Keep Customers?

How Can Small Businesses Attract and Keep Customers?

For small businesses, in particular, every customer counts. But today’s customers have an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips and can order just about any product or service in the known universe with a few taps on a mobile device. For owners of small- and medium-sized businesses, the ability to attract and keep customers is critical to your success. In the age of overnight shipping and always-on internet connections, how can SMBs connect with customers, and keep them coming back?

1) Be accessible

Everyone knows who the big guys are. They’re easy to find, and they’re everywhere. For SMBs, the importance of being accessible to your customers cannot be underestimated. A great small business phone system plays an important role, of course. RingCentral offers a full-featured communications solution for your business. Phone lines with local or toll-free numbers are just the beginning.

RingCentral’s suite of features also includes conference calling, team collaboration, business SMS, online meetings, and more. It all adds up to simplifying how your customers interact with your business. The more ways you can connect with customers, the better their experience will be. Happy customers are loyal ones, so make sure that your communication system keeps up with the demands of a modern SMB.

 2) Differentiate

Every business faces competition. But what is it that makes your business different from your competitors? In order to successfully market your business, you need to figure out your unique selling proposition (USP). Whatever it is, your USP should help guide your business.

At first glance, you may think that your USP needs to be something concrete—a specific product, for example. But the reality is that for most businesses, their USP is more about the level of service they provide or the atmosphere they create around their product. After all, most companies aren’t selling patented products no one else can make. More often, there are many businesses selling products and services that are more similar to each other than they are different. Figuring out what makes your business different is the key to attracting customers to your brand.

3) Use social media effectively

For small businesses, having an active social media presence can be a good way to connect with customers. Using social media effectively is more than posting links to your web page on Facebook and Twitter, however. To utilize social media effectively, spend some time planning your strategy. Points to consider include:

  • Find your target. Figuring out whom you’re trying to reach can help you figure out what kinds of content to post, and where to post them.
  • Customize your content. People use different social media platforms differently. If you’re just copying and pasting the same content across social media channels, you run the risk of customers ignoring your content—or worse, unfollowing you.
  • Engage with customers. Social media isn’t just advertising. People use social media because they like to engage, and that engagement should also extend to your business. Don’t just push out what amount to ads. Take the time to consider what content will be relevant to your customers. Prepare for feedback, both good and bad. Listen to what people are saying about you, and use it to make your business better. On social media, applying a little bit of a personal touch can go a long way toward attracting and retaining your customers.

Keeping customers happy is one of the most important and challenging tasks for any small business. With the right focus and effective tools for connecting with customers, you’ll be well on your way to making the connections that will make your business thrive.