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May 7, 2012
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Happy Employees are Productive Employees: 5 Ideas For Boosting Morale


There are multiple benefits to happy employees: increased productivity, improved retention, and an overall positive work environment. In addition, social media has empowered employees to be potential advocates of the businesses that employ them. Be sure you are implementing activities, initiatives, and programs designed to boost employee morale.

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Here at RingCentral, we make regular efforts to keep our employees happy. The video above is our most recent employee event in which we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with fresh margaritas and Tex-Mex appetizers — the event was a hit! In general, the RingCentral management team practices the five following principles for boosting employee morale:  

1. Encourage employee feedback
Provide a forum — whether public or anonymous  — where employees can voice ideas and concerns. Demonstrate you value this feedback by actually implementing the ideas that make sense for your organization.

2. Recognize and reward good performance
In addition to employee bonuses for achieving individual and company goals, be sure to recognize strong performers at department or company-wide meetings. Kudos can be in the form of a prize, an employee-of-the-month designation, or a simple shout-out.

3. Plan quarterly outings or field trips
Build camaraderie among your employees with out-of-the-office outings like a golf game, a museum tour, or a game of laser tag. Holding the event away from the office will feel like a special occasion for your team.

4. Create company traditions and perks
Give employees discounts and/or first-access to your products. Celebrate anniversaries pertinent to your business history. Give your employees half-days every other Friday during the summer. Hold annual competitions like a ping pong tournament or a themed costume contest.  Give prizes to winners.

5. Be flexible and empathetic
Take an interest in your employees’ lives without being intrusive. Allow workers to leave work early on occasion in order to attend a child’s game or a recital without making them feel as if they will be penalized as a result.

How does your business keep employees happy? Please share your ideas!

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