Meaghan Edelstein
June 21, 2013

Friday Five: 5 Summer Tips For Your Small Business

This past week marked the 50th National Small Business Week! In honor of National Small Business Week, today’s Friday Five is written with the small business owner in mind. As the summer months approach, try implementing these 5 summer tips for your small business:

1) Start (or Re-launch) a Loyalty Program. The small business relies on its loyal customers, as much if not more so than big corporations. Designing and implementing a strong customer loyalty program will increase customer satisfaction, sales and referrals. And loyalty programs are not just for big-box stores. A loyalty program can be a powerful tool for the small business, no matter the product or service sold, price point or rewards given.

2) Become Part of the Movement. National Small Business Week is one of many initiatives designed help small businesses thrive. If you’re a small business owner, take the time to identify the promotion opportunities that are available. Find out how you can get your business involved to increase exposure and sales. Here are just a few initiatives to consider:

3) Wow Your Customers. It’s important to always do your best to keep customers happy. But every now and again, try something new that will WOW them! Something that will take your customer by surprise and help your business stand out. If done right, your WOW effect should generate buzz and excitement, keep customers coming back and attract new ones.

4) Inspire Your Workforce. As a small business owner, many, if not all, responsibilities fall on your shoulders. As a leader, take steps to inspire and empower your workforce, no matter the size. A successful business has many contributors, and as your business grows the need for exceptional employees will increase. Spend the summer months trying new methods for inspiring your team. Once you find what works, be sure to implement throughout the year.

5) Keep Your Business Running When You’re Out. As summer approaches, it can become very difficult to stay inside, at the office or in the store. The beautiful weather entices you to take time for yourself and family, visit the beach or garden. Don’t deprive yourself of these important activities, as they help revive your spirits, keep you refreshed and contribute to a more healthy and productive lifestyle.medium_2339687721

There are myriad apps and solutions that allow you to work from almost anywhere. Put together a plan for how web 2.0 technologies can help you enjoy the summer while still keeping up with business.

What steps will your small business take to grow during the summer months?

Featured photo courtesy of Giorgio Montersino via photopin cc.