David Lee
September 17, 2015
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Construction Monitor Accelerates Business Growth by Switching to RingCentral

construction1There is gold in your communication data, or at least new ways to motivate sales representatives and provide sales management with instant visibility into key aspects of sales performance.  We just published a fantastic case study about Construction Monitor, the industry source for building and solar permit information in the United States.


Construction Monitor provides targeted leads to building professionals, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers nationwide. They recently went live with the integration of RingCentral call data into their sales dashboards and are seeing great results. Sales managers can see outbound call activity at a glance, while salespeople can see their own call metrics in comparison to their peers. The transparency and competitiveness generated by the new dashboards directly impacted call volumes: in the first month call volumes shot up from 525 to over 600 per sales representative.

Read the full case study here.