RingCentral Team
February 1, 2012
Employee experience
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Best Practices and Innovations In Mobile Computing: How Small Biz Can Leverage Mobile Technology For Growth

Victoria Treyger is RingCentral’s Chief Marketing Officer. In this video she discusses, among other things:

1) How mobility is driving a change in SMB communication behavior – towards smartphones and tablets and away from PCs and desk phones.

2) How the cloud is making new services available to SMBs and enabling increased productivity at a dramatically lower cost, while giving small firms access to enterprise-level services.

3) Best practices in SMB marketing – through both traditional channels (search, TV, radio) and emerging channels (social, mobile).

For those who would like to download this presentation, smallbiztechnology.com has put it together on SlideShare. See below:

Two years ago, too, small to medium-sized business owners were saying that smartphones were changing the way they do business. Click here to visit the results of a survey conducted by RingCentral in March 2010. Almost 400 customers answered this email survey.

How do you think the adoption of smartphones will impact small businesses in 2012?