RingCentral Team
July 22, 2013

Ari Ioannides and BoardDocs.com Stay Connected in the Cloud

BoardDocs.com is a provider of cloud-based government document management tools. The company’s service, by enabling municipal, county and state governments to upload and publish document packets using the cloud, ensures rapid information sharing between officials and constituents.logo

In addition, BoardDocs.com’s platform looks and operates the same across myriad devices. Whether a user is on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, the BoardDocs.com experience is identical. That means files may be edited and delivered more quickly and easily than was possible in the past.

But BoardDocs.com doesn’t just deliver a disruptive product: the company itself has broken from conventional business practices. Ari Ioannides, BoardDocs.com’s CEO, told us in a recent conversation that he and his partners made the decision to close their corporate office about eight years ago.


BoardDocs.com’s solution reduces paper consumption.

“We sent everyone to work at home,” Ari said.

Today, remote work is not uncommon. When BoardDocs.com became fully virtual, however, telecommuting was little more than a pipe dream. The firm had to build its own packet-switching networks to keep its employees connected.

Yet BoardDocs.com recognized that its ad hoc network arrangement wasn’t ideal. A few years ago, Ari noted, the company began investigating third-party hosted services – and that search took it directly to RingCentral.

“RingCentral was great for us,” Ari said. “We could configure it through a web browser, and it didn’t matter where people were working. We could customize the whole system as needed.”

Especially valuable to BoardDocs.com is the fact that RingCentral offers a unified user experience across multiple devices. Thanks to RingCentral’s Cloud Touch platform, the process of changing one’s RingCentral settings is exactly the same on a tablet or phone as it is on a PC – just like BoardDocs.com’s own interface.

And, even though it has employees scattered across the country, BoardDocs.com can keep everyone on the same phone system. RingCentral makes it easy for the firm to add new users, too.

“You hire a new person, the phone shows up and they’re up and running,” Ari indicated.

“For us everything is scalable,” he continued. “That includes our phone system with RingCentral – it fits into our strategic goals perfectly.”

Featured image courtesy of Flickr user David Joyner.