3 brands that rock customer service on social media

When it comes to customer care, social networks are taking a bigger and bigger slice of the pie compared to traditional channels like phone and email. Now that consumers have access to brands through these channels, they often receive faster responses. 40% of customers have made an inquiry through social networks in the hope of getting an answer in under an hour. Although responsiveness is an important factor, there are other good practices you can adopt to keep your customers happy on these new channels. To inspire you to take your social media customer service game up a notch, here’s how 3 brands provide exemplary service to their customers through social media. 1/ Aviva: highly responsive all

Why Social Media Integration Really Matters for Your Business

Social media can’t be ignored in today’s marketing environment. Businesses have realized the power of social media and now it is considered to be an integral part of business strategy. Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to reach millions of potential customers and promote your brand. Virality of content via social media is impressive. But it’s essential to understand how to engage with the right audience in the right place and time. Using social media channels you can increase exposure, generate leads, get a loyal audience, improve search ranking, reduce expenses, improve sales and establish business relationships. And this isn't even the

4 Social Media Tactics That Have an Impact on Small Business

Companies have made the jump to VoIP phones in order to connect their teams in the office, while minimizing cost. Many have compared options on sites like WhichVOIP.com before making the plunge to convert their entire office. However, in today’s hyper competitive world, every major company is now open 24/7 to service its customers online. The world we live in demands constant attention from customers. One of the facets where we’ve seen an explosion of attention demanding customers is the wonderful, yet scary world of “corporate social media”. Let’s look at a few ways Social Media has changed the way we do

Social Media Tips For Any Business

Marketing and advertising on social media is now the norm, replacing outdated traditional practices from decades ago. Antiquated placements in phone books, with dozens of different choices available, find most consumers casting them out into the trash. Running local newspaper ads are often left unseen in the thousands of choices available. While the argument of the death of print media rages on, many question the continued effectiveness of print media. We can all safely agree that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook site is reaching a much larger audience than Ma Bell’s printed Yellow Pages, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times subscriptions -- since they have all moved online. Social media interactions, with the saturation of

7 Social Media Strategies for Any Business

When you think about businesses with killer social media presences, you probably think about popular media outlets like BuzzFeed Video and big-name brands like Red Bull and Nike. What about the more socially-obscure businesses, like plumbers, carpenters and law firms? The truth is that any business with customers can have a successful social media presence, regardless of the industry. As a business owner, social media is all about connecting with people who might be interested in your brand – or might be interested in what you have to say or share. It’s about quantifying those likes, shares, and tweets in a way that


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