5 Ways to Use Social Proof to Boost Your Marketing Campaigns [Friday Five]

Are you a social butterfly or more of a lone ranger? When it comes to spending hard earned cash, the chances are you’ll seek the advice of the herd before taking the plunge. Humans are hard-wired to seek approval and reassurance from their peers and those they admire. This is especially true when we’re unable to decide on a particular course of action. Customer advocacy, expert advice or social proof, taps into that. That’s a huge reason to pepper your campaign with evidence that people love what you’re selling, and watch your marketing reach a whole new level. 1) Get an endorsement from the girl-next-door.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Humorous Video Marketing Campaigns

Humor is the greatest ice-breaker. It can bring people together, cross cultural divides and help us find our common ground. It can be a hugely powerful tool for marketers that can help us not only reach our audiences, but persuade them to share our message. The brand videos have all gone viral, and they all use humor in different ways. Some take a very commonplace theme and use humor to make it into something special that people want to share. Some are sheer entertainment, and some cleverly look at a serious message through the humor lens. Humor connects us, and these videos are a masterclass in how to

Top Marketing Trends to Implement in 2017

In 2017 your marketing strategy must evolve beyond just your company website. As more and more trends, enter the market, it’s wise for you to learn ways they can benefit your small business. The following trends can be applied to nearly any business to maximize customer engagement and capture more sales. Better Analytics and Customer Targeting Developing a system in place to obtain customer data is not an option. By now you must know who your customer base is, when peak times are, what payment methods they prefer, etc. Without that data, you will not be able to apply many of the trends and advances presented here and on future lists effectively. The good news

3 Working Methods to Win at Content Marketing in 2017

Content marketing is always going to be one of the most important areas of focus for any brand or business using the internet. Of course, 'content creation' is going to play an important role in this process... but we all know there is more than enough content on the internet for everyone. With all of this in mind, if you want to win the content creation and marketing game in 2017, you need to understand who you are up against and how to deliver the best information possible to your audience. At the same time, you also want to be building your brand trust and authority at the

The Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

A sure way to fail at lead generation is to improperly manage the inquiries your site will generate. It would be a shame to invest in building out an Internet marketing campaign for your leads, to only end up in a wasteland. That’s where lead validation comes into play. Lead validation, is the process of having your sales leads separated from non-sales conversions. According to “The Importance of Lead Validation Study” by professional SEO agency Straight North, 50 percent of a business' website inquiries are something other than sales leads. Having that kind of vital data allows you to take a step back and analyze your campaign to see what


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