Infographic: Team Messaging Is the Future of Business Communications

One thing’s certain: Most people have trouble keeping up with their email. In fact, people reply faster, with fewer words, and to fewer emails as the volume in their inbox increases.* So, it comes as no surprise that people are finding better ways to communicate. Workplace collaboration software, also known as team messaging, is taking the enterprise communications world by storm and was the hot topic on everyone’s lips at this year’s Enterprise Connect. To demonstrate the impact of team messaging in the workplace, Ipsos conducted a Public Affairs study on behalf of RingCentral.** The infographic below captures the staggering findings surrounding the rise of

Infographic: It’s Time for Your Business to Leverage the Power of Instagram

Is your business incorporating Instagram in your overall marketing strategy, specifically your social media effort? If not, don’t feel bad, as many businesses have yet to jump in with both feet. Instagram gives you a massive audience to target, with 500+ million users active on the platform each month, responsible for posting 95 million images and videos daily. While the organic possibilities alone should be incentive enough, Instagram also offers paid media via their self-serve advertising platform. What’s attractive about this option, is the ability to utilize Facebook’s very extensive targeting options, allowing the advertiser to place their ads directly in front of their ideal audience. Visual content, which Instagram

Infographics Marketing: What’s Working in 2016

Infographics are one of my favorite methods for creating engaging and shareable content online. Not only are infographics loved by a wide range of audiences around the world, they are also great for marketing, building awareness, and more importantly... get new traffic and backlinks to your site. To help with this process, I'm going to break down an easy to follow process for you to find success with an infographic of your own. However, it's not just the creation and content of the infographic that matters the most, it's actually the outreach and promotion and promotion that takes place afterwards. A good example of this can be seen within the infographic

Infographic: How to Win More Opportunities Through Better Communications

Good customer service is no longer just about providing a helpful solution; it’s now also a matter of speed. Response times are now a bigger factor than ever before even when it comes to choosing a new provider. In our age of information where it’s so easy to find new solutions in a few clicks, people are starting to think twice if they don’t get attended to quickly. Of course, from your point of view, you take customer needs to heart and have pride in your service. It’s just those unscrupulous, money-grabbing companies out there that should be concerned about

Infographic: Evade the Cold-callers, Time-takers, and Priority-pinchers

The phone rings. Your attention is piqued. Is it new business? Your pulse quickens as you imagine the opportunity that awaits. You pick up the phone and introduce yourself in your most professional voice and… …“You are due a large repayment for your PPI claim as well as compensation for that 5 car pile up, remember.” Your shoulders drop and disappointment quickly turns to frustration; this is a business headache you wish you could avoid. Whilst cold calling can be a nuisance that ties up the line and wastes your time, it’s not the only villain when it comes to unwanted calls. There are also the ‘talkers’; those


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