Facebook Ads Tune Up: 5 Quick Tips to Make Your Paid Facebook Ads Effective

As a professional interested in improving your company’s marketing (as evidenced by the fact that you’re reading the RingCentral blog) your company probably already has a Facebook page, and likely engages in some unpaid promotion on that social media platform. If you’re like most small and mid-sized businesses, however, you aren’t yet using the paid Facebook Ads platform.  The Business Case For Shifting to Paid Facebook Ads: Up until recently, effective Facebook marketing was largely an unpaid endeavor involving trying to organically attract new ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ to your company’s Facebook page, and then marketing to those individuals you attracted via their

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Facebook GIFs [Friday Five]

On May 29 of this year Facebook began supporting GIFs on personal profiles. For years there has been much chatter around why Facebook did not support GIFs and when they might start to. So, this is pretty big and exciting news. GIFs have been one of the most shared types of content on the web for many years. Yet, Facebook continued to not support them. Yes, there were times when work-arounds made it possible but those disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived. But now, for the first time, Facebook directly supports these fun, and highly viral, pieces of content. While GIFs are currently not supported

5 Ways the New Facebook Announcements Can Help Boost Your Business

This week two important Facebook related announcements were made. Both could be extremely beneficial for your businesses so long as you are aware of them and understand how your business can benefit. Today’s Friday Five provides insight and recommendations so you can profit. 1) Facebook May Let Businesses Contacts Customers Through WhatsApp. During this years F8 conference, Facebook shared its Business for Messenger initiative. Now we hear Facebook may also open up the same functionality for its chat network, WhatsApp. The rumor is, this would be a “pay to play” opportunity. Either way, consider the doors this could open. 2) Hootsuite Ads ‘for human beings’. The second exciting announcement has to

Five Important Facebook Updates For Your Business [Friday Five]

Facebook has been busy over the past few months. Having recently acquired Whatsapp and fitness and activity tracking app, Moves, the company shows no sign of slowing down. Facebook offers businesses of all shapes and sizes many opportunities to connect with current and potential customers, build brand awareness and boost affinity. Today’s Friday Five shares five of the most recent and noteworthy Facebook updates. Be certain your business continues to pay attention to and leverage Facebook. 1) New Facebook for iPhone (Version 9.0) Mobile is quickly becoming instrumental in social media marketing. And Facebook is acutely aware of the need to

Friday Five: 5 Things to Know About Facebook’s Hashtag Move

This week Facebook announced that it will be "switching on" hashtags in the near future. Of course you’ve always been able to integrate hashtags into posts - but until now there was no real functionality. This week’s Friday Five sheds light on some of the key features of Facebook’s hashtags. 1) The Big Reason Behind the Adoption If you've ever watched a popular TV show or cheered on your favorite team, you can probably guess why Facebook thinks it’s time to accept the hashtag. The company's release announcing the hashtag news cited the popularity of engaging with communities during TV programs and sports events. We've all seen Twitter hashtags at the bottom of our


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